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canadian modules - darlington point solar project

Darlington Point Solar Project Has 333MW Canadian Modules

Canadian Solar is a household name in the Australian residential community. They are one of the biggest suppliers of PV modules in the world. An infrastructure […]

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Why mono PERC panels for rooftop solar system

Why choose Mono PERC panels for your rooftop solar system?

Monocrystalline cells (Mono) are manufactured from single silicon crystal. They have high efficiency, better low light performance and long life span owing to the fact that […]

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best solar panel brand

Why Canadian Solar is one of the best solar panel brand in Australia?

A premium PV module manufacturer, Canadian Solar has shipped over 25GW of panels since 2001. With over 12,000 employees worldwide, Canadian Solar is a leading premium […]

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world's first grid connected wind-solar-battery park - kennedy energy park

Completion of The World’s First Grid Connected Wind-Solar-Battery Park

In Aug 2018, we reported the installation of 3.6MW turbine in the Kennedy Energy park located in Flinders Shire. The installation of this Vestas V136 turbine […]

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