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WA electricity price

Western Australia Electricity Price Hike – July 2018

WA is one of the Australian states that has the highest solar power adoption rate. State treasurer Ben Wyatt has announced that, as of July 2018, […]

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AC coupled solar system

AC Coupled Solar System with Battery Charge

Setting up a battery energy storage system for specific behavior requires considerable knowledge of battery programming and available technology. AC coupled systems are most popular and […]

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warm artic winters

Climate Change Causes Artic Amplification

One of the main reasons behind the Renewable Energy Target of many countries is global climate change and associated  ecosystem disruptions. Since industrial revolution, climate change […]

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battery info

Battery Management Systems (BMS)

Battery Management Systems (BMS) plays a critical role in most new energy storage technology. The role of the BMS is to Facilitate the safe charging and […]

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