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shared energy storage

Shared Energy Storage in Western Australia

Solar battery market has existed in the mainstream since 2010. However, it started picking up traction from late 2016 due to the tumbling prices and higher […]

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maximum size of rooftop solar

Maximum Size of Rooftop Solar

Since solar revolution in the country, the average size of rooftop solar systems are increasing yearly. This can be mainly attributed to the decreasing panel prices […]

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Energy in Australia

Solar PV Battery – Sales Surge in Australia

Since the Australian solar revolution half a decade earlier, rooftop solar systems are becoming a household norm these days. It has provided the average homeowner a […]

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Mandatory Solar PV

ASBEC Report – Mandatory Solar PV in Households

There are a large number of economic solar PV options available to the average Australian home owner. Considering this, it is not surprising that the Australian […]

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