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Reduce your energy costs and take a huge step toward meeting your sustainability goals. Controlling your energy costs is just the beginning. We can be a big part of your corporate sustainability initiative and help you put together a plan to reduce your operating expenses by switching to clean, more affordable energy. Our in-house team and local installers will take care of your entire project from start to finish. Regen Power provides the following comprehensive services for commercial solar Australia, ensuring quick start-up time and a smooth transition for your business. We focus on our core business so you can focus on yours.

Commercial Solar Australia - The Regen Advantage

The Smart Choice

Today's businesses are faced with an ever increasing cost of power, which in turn is dipping into their bottomline profits. Solar energy systems offer a clean and inexhaustible suply of energy to supplement the conventional sources of energy. Today more and more businesses are enjoying a higher success rate by making the smart choice of switching to solar energy.

Delivering Solar Success

Regen Power has over 15 years of experience in research, development, design and successful installation of over 5000 residential solar projects and several commercial and off-grid power systems all over Australia. With our experienced team of CEC accredited designers and engineers, we are able offer advanced, innovative and cost-effective technology solutions.

Quality Solar Equipment

Regen Power's experience at all levels of the solar value chain, including installation, wholesale distribution and manufacturing, has enabled unique insights into the technical requirements for high performance, durable commercial PV systems. Our experts can recommend the right type of solar products for any business solar power system.

Engineering Expertise

With in-house experts and extensive global solar energy experience, our engineers offer advanced, innovative and cost-effective technology solutions for business solar power systems. We are also proud recipients of the prestigious Sustainable Energy Association (SEA) industry awards.

Energy Assessment

Our energy experts will perform a baseline analysis of your facility's energy use and create a usage profile for your business.

Site Analysis

Our professional engineers will determine the optimal location and solar technologies to meet your production objectives

Financial Analysis

Our analysts will review your financial options and present the most cost effective strategies according to your objectives and site constraints


Our field supervisors and staff are industry veterans with years of experience installing solar thermal and photovoltaic systems on rooftops and on the ground.

Enrolling in Government Incentive Programs

We will identify and manage each and every rebate, tax incentive, and special program offered by the Australian government for which your business is eligible.

Utility Liason & Administration

We will initiate any necessary agreements with the local utility company and schedule all required site inspections on your behalf

Manage Building Permits and Inspections

We will handle all interaction with local permit offices and will be present during the final site inspection

System Engineering & Design

Our engineers are experts at solar technology system design and will tailor each solution to maximize your investment and your system's useful life

Long Term Manufacturers' Warranty

We will take care of all the products warranties and replacements through the life of your system.

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