Residential Solar

5kW Solar System

With 20 270 watt panels a 5kw system is the suited for residential needs if your bi-monthly bill is AUD 270 or more. In future if you plan to upgrade your home with a solar battery, then a 5kw solar system  will ensure that you have the surplus energy to charge your battery in the daytime. As a result the batteries will be able to deliver their full efficiency at night. Thus a 5kw solar perth can work in tandem with a solar battery to guarantee minimal grid dependency. In short, a 5kw system is a value-for-money deal which is also a future proof energy solution for your home.

5kW Solar Savings

Since the panels we provide are of 270 watts, your 5kw solar perth will be able to generate 5.4kw/day. This translates to around AUD 1700 savings per year. Hence, for a system with a life of 25 years, you are looking at a payback period of just 2 years. This brings your total savings to over $35,000 over the next 20 years.  The average monthly energy production of our 5kw systems are shown below.

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About Regen Power

Headquartered in Perth, we have been serving Perth households for the past 13 years. Regen Power has installed more than 35,000 solar power systems in Australia. Our decade of expertise and unmatched customer support, combined with ease of access

Solar Panels

Regen Power offers the best-in-class tier-1 solar panels engineered in Germany. With over 99% peak performance, these panels come with 25 years warranty. We also provide our customers with a choice of the top-5 solar panel brands to choose from.

Solar Inverters

Being the most significant part of your system, we only offer customers the premium brands – German manufactured SMA and European engineered Fronius. These solar inverters are battery-ready and have wifi connectivity. They optimize your 5kw solar system Perth for maximum performance in all weather conditions.

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