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LG Chem

LG Chem Creates Shift in Battery Market

LG Chem batteries are one of the most affordable solar energy storage solutions available to residential and commercial consumers in Australia. Their long term warranty and […]

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CEC Accreditation

CEC Accreditation for Solar PV Installation

Since 2009, the attainment of CEC accreditation for installation of Solar PV systems has been the standard for the industry because of its ties to the […]

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energy forecast - wind and solar farm

Wind and Solar Energy Forecast

Technology innovation and lucrative incentives/rebates have pushed renewable energy adoption to an all-time high in the country. As per the Green Energy Markets report, renewables generated […]

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shared energy storage

Shared Energy Storage in Western Australia

Solar battery market has existed in the mainstream since 2010. However, it started picking up traction from late 2016 due to the tumbling prices and higher […]

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