LG Chem

LG Chem Creates Shift in Battery Market

LG Chem batteries are one of the most affordable solar energy storage solutions available to residential and commercial consumers in Australia. Their long term warranty and […]

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CEC Accreditation

CEC Accreditation for Solar PV Installation

Since 2009, the attainment of CEC accreditation for installation of Solar PV systems has been the standard for the industry because of its ties to the […]

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energy forecast - wind and solar farm

Wind and Solar Energy Forecast

Technology innovation and lucrative incentives/rebates have pushed renewable energy adoption to an all-time high in the country. As per the Green Energy Markets report, renewables generated […]

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shared energy storage

Shared Energy Storage in Western Australia

Solar battery market has existed in the mainstream since 2010. However, it started picking up traction from late 2016 due to the tumbling prices and higher […]

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maximum size of rooftop solar

Maximum Size of Rooftop Solar

Since solar revolution in the country, the average size of rooftop solar systems are increasing yearly. This can be mainly attributed to the decreasing panel prices […]

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Energy in Australia

Solar PV Battery – Sales Surge in Australia

Since the Australian solar revolution half a decade earlier, rooftop solar systems are becoming a household norm these days. It has provided the average homeowner a […]

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Mandatory Solar PV

ASBEC Report – Mandatory Solar PV in Households

There are a large number of economic solar PV options available to the average Australian home owner. Considering this, it is not surprising that the Australian […]

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energy from sun

Rooftop PV Sales Record in Australia

Rooftop PV sales started gaining traction in the late 2011. Cheaper module prices and steeper grid costs have elevated market growth since then. January 2018 saw […]

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Hopkins River Caravan Park Australia

Canadian Solar undertakes 1.14GWp Solar Project

In the race to achieve the 2020 renewable energy target, large-scale energy sector is in a rampant transition to solar power. As a result, overseas investors […]

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World’s Largest Floating Solar Plant

Floating PV systems have many benefits – optimal space utilization, better performance, minimized algae growth in water bodies etc. Consequently, this technology was initially popular among  island […]

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List of Tier-1 Solar Panels – August 2017

The Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) ranking system has become the industry standard in classifying solar panel manufacturers. This classification is based on bankability and various […]

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Isolated Power Systems Connect Conference

Isolated Power Systems Connect Conference (IPSC-2017)

Regen Power was a sponsor for the Isolated Power Systems Connect Conference (IPSC-2017) held in Rottnest Island, Western Australia. The conference took place between the 13 […]

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Queensland Renewable Energy

Queensland’s Renewable Energy Landscape

Closed in 2001, Queensland’s Kidston Gold mine, is now a hybrid energy farm – solar plant  and pumped storage hydro station. The site is about 270 km from […]

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south australia fast-response power plant

South Australia Needs Fast-Response Power Plant

South Australia is a forerunner in renewable energy technology when it comes to solar power adoption. It receives half of its electricity from wind and solar […]

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500kW Floating Solar Power Plant

Kerala State with large stretches of water bodies has huge potential for floating photovoltaic systems. Regen power is a consortia member undertaking the design, installation and […]

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Audi Etron - Electric Car

Solar Cars

With the current boom in  solar power system uptake in Western Australia, it is worth wondering when this renewable energy option will shift to the automotive […]

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