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most popular solar inverter in Australia - SMA

German SMA Inverter is the most popular in Australia – 50% Market Share

Founded in 1981, SMA is a global PV brand employing over 3000 employees in 20 countries. As of 2017, the company has sales of over 900 […]

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cameby solar farm - western downs

148 MW Cameby Solar Farm in Western Downs Council

Queensland is well known for being the leader in the Australian solar revolution. With a high solar irradiation, the region of Western Downs has significant acclaim […]

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landing wind

Wind and Solar are the Cheapest Bulk Energy System

As per the latest Bloomberg report, the world electricity demand will increase to 38,700 terawatt-hours by 2050. This is approximately 54% increase from 2017. The major […]

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solar feed-in tariff

Queensland Solar Feed-in Tariff Report

Over the years, the concept of feed-in tariffs has become pretty clear to the public. After on-site use, we get paid for the excess energy that […]

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