Whole of System Plan to transform WA’s energy landscape

The Western Australian energy sector is undergoing an unprecedented change. Energy Transformation Taskforce has developed a Whole of System Plan for the South West Interconnected System. […]

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Tier1 Solar panels

List of Tier-1 Solar Panels 2022

Tier1 Solar panels list tracks the “bankability” of solar panel manufacturers, not the quality of solar panels. Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) as a rating system […]

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Tesla Powerwall for Australian Homeowners

Tesla Powerwall for Australian Homeowners in 2020

Tesla Powerwall for home is a popular solar storage solution worldwide. Powerwall’s reliability, performance, and aesthetics have played a major role in its status in the […]

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south australia fast-response power plant

South Australia Needs Fast-Response Power Plant

South Australia is a forerunner in renewable energy technology when it comes to solar power adoption. It receives half of its electricity from wind and solar […]

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500kW Floating Solar Power Plant

Kerala State with large stretches of water bodies has huge potential for floating photovoltaic systems. Regen power is a consortia member undertaking the design, installation and […]

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solar power trading

Solar Power Trading – Here is how it works.

Solar Industry The solar power and renewable energy industry as a whole is growing throughout the world. With countries like Australia, Germany and India setting ambitious […]

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Grass Valley WA

Off Grid Residential Solar Power System – Grass Valley, WA

Grass Valley is a small town site about 110 km  east of Perth, Western Australia in the Avon Valley area.  Greg and Lizzie, a retired couple, […]

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solar system for house

Solar Power Installation in SWER Electric Distribution system

Single Wire Earth Return Distribution System Because of Australia’s unique position of having a vast terrain to serve with very low population densities, the cost of […]

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5kW solar system perth

5 kW Solar System Perth – More Value for Money

5 kW Solar System – What is it? Perth is one of the most geographically suited cities in Australia for residential solar system uptake. Most solar […]

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