Intersolar Awards 2019 – Finalists and Winners in Solar Technology

intersolar awards 2019

In the world of  consumer technology, there are annual exhibitions targeted to bring together the stakeholders of a particular classification, like Mobile World COngress for handheld devices and CES for consumer electronics. The solar industry is at its peak throughout the world. With billions of dollars in investment, from governments to end-users, the stakeholders in this industry are rapidly increasing worldwide. A handful global forums and conferences serve as a platform for honoring the strenuous efforts in this field. Intersolar Europe is one such summit that takes place annually in Munich, Germany. Over the years, this annual event has grown to attract almost every major tech firm in the solar industry – manufacturers, distributors, integrators, suppliers, research institutes, certification institutes, project developers, financial service providers and journalists. An estimated 50,000 attendees were present in 2019.

This year, the event ran from 15-17 May, and it oversaw many new technology debuts like Risen HDT, world’s first smart solar blinds etc. The ten finalists for the coveted Intersolar awards included ABB, AE Solar, Hanergy, Huawei, Contec, Raycatch, Staudinger, SunPower, Tessolar and Jinko Solar. Out of these prominent names in the PV industry, Huawei, Raycatch and Jinko Solar were selected as the winners of Intersolar Awards 2019.

Winners of Intersolar Awards

Huawei technologies debuted the PV string inverter SUN2000 15-20KTL-M0. It incorporated state-of-art performance optimizers for shading tolerance, AC terminal and flexible fast installation for residential and large-scale installations. Raycatch, based in Israel, is a relatively newcomer to the industry. Started in 2015, they specialize in monitoring and control software. Their new DeepSolar software uses machine learning to automatically optimize solar system performance with no extra hardware. It can detect failures and anomalies without any man hours. Zheijang Jinko Solar won the award for their new bifacial technology. Cheetah Bifacial HC Swan modules were ultra light weight, bifacial panels with transparent back covers. The lightweight comes from the usage of transparent back sheet instead of the traditional glass on glass architecture. This simple design, combined with 30 year performance warranty, stood apart from rivals.

Furthermore, the exhibition also saw other technology highlights like the ECOPROGETTI high-speed automatic bussing machine. The 13th Intersolar exhibition will take place from June 17-19, 2020.

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