Tesla Powerwall for Australian Homeowners in 2020

Tesla Powerwall for Australian Homeowners

Tesla Powerwall   is a popular solar storage solution worldwide. Powerwall’s reliability, performance and aesthetics have played a major role towards its status in the market. Powerwall has enhanced features and is also compatible with existing solar panels. In this article we review some of the important features of Powerwall , and how it enhances the savings of a residential solar power system.

Powerwall  is an aesthetically designed floor/wall mountable AC coupled battery storage with 13.5Kwh total capacity with 100% depth of charge. Multiple Powerwalls can be linked together (upto 10 units) to increase the total capacity, if required. This provides a certain level of flexibility for future upgradation. With a 90% roundtrip efficiency, (in simple terms, 90% roundtrip efficiency means the 10% of energy the battery consumes by itself), and a 10 year warranty, they ensure a good return on investment and energy savings. They can operate anywhere in temperatures ranging from -20 to 50 degree Celcius, which allows them to be suitable for most outdoor applications as well.

Real time monitoring, consistent firmware & gateway updates, and a well-designed mobile app allows the owners to acquire sufficient data about their system. The Powerwall has three working modes for providing maximum savings:

– Self-Powered: stores excess energy during the daytime, and use it during the night with less much focus on the battery back-up during power outages.
– Back-up: as the name suggests, focus is on backup solution during extended utility outages.
– Advanced Time-based Control Mode: Optimal for variable electricity pricings to get maximum savings

The system operates with minimal noise, and comes with built-in liquid cooling solution, which enables it to work in the aforementioned temperature range. For more information, contact us here.