5.184MW Solar Farm Project Malaysia

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Project details

  • Date

     January 7, 2016

  • Client

     Malaysian Government

  • Task

     5.184MW Solar Farm Project

5.184MW Solar Farm Project Malaysia

Engineering and Procurement Consultant

The Solar farm will use 17,280 numbers of 300 watt solar photovoltaic modules and string inverters with an output of 27.6kW offering maximum installation flexibility. The mounting frames will be manufactured by a Malaysian company who will also handle the local logistics in a project spread over a land area of about 20 acres. The electrical work portion will be handled by KT Systems Sdn Bhd with whom Regen has entered into a Project Management Advisory Contract.

Apart from assisting in the procurement of solar photovoltaic modules and string inverters, Regen Power will act as the advisor & technical consultant to KT systems Sdn Bhd. Regen will also provide project and construction management supervision support at the site during all stages of the construction and arrange for certification by an international accredited agency.

The construction which is scheduled to commence in early 2014 is expected to be completed in 4 months. This solar farm will generate approximately 7300 megawatt hours of electricity per annum which is equivalent to the electricity consumption of about 2500 households.