40kW Autobarn, Dubbo, NSW

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  • Date

     May 24, 2013

  • Client

     Autobarn, Dubbo, NSW

  • Task

     40kW On-Grid Solar System

40kW On-Grid Rooftop Solar PV System

Autobarn, Dubbo, NSW

Consideration was given for the utilisation of the savings generated from the contract and light retrofit. A recommendation for a 40kW solar system was proposed. The system would potentially generate 58,000kWh and save $18,000 in power costs under the original power contract. BMC Energy Systems engaged Regen Power Pty Ltd to design, engineer and supply a 40kW system. The system consisted of the following components

System Size40kW
Modules160 x 250kW polycrystalline module
Inverters1 x SMA Tripower STP17000TL
1 x SMA Tripower STP15000TL
1 x SMA Tripower STP12000TL
Annual Energy Yield58,000 kWh per annum
Estimated CO2 Saving39.7 metric tons per annum

I hereby confirm that at Autobarn Dubbo we have purchased and recently installed a 40kw Solar system onto our shop roof in Dubbo through BMC Energy Systems.

This week I received my first account for electricity since the installation and am delighted to say that my $8400 bill for 3 months up to May 2013(average 273kw/day at a cost of $103 per day) has been replaced bya $40 credit for 1.5 months ending 30th June (average 63kw at a cost of 26.31 per day).

To achieve this fantastic result, Barry came to Dubbo, studied our previous electricity usage and charges and consulted with me on ways to reduce our usage by changing all of our fluoro and Hi bay lights to LED.

We also changed our electricity provider to obtain a much better rate and then financed the purchase and installation of the Solar System on the roof.

The entire project from start to finish was led by Barry professionally and ran like clockwork, the result I was after was to have a enough solar capacity to operate my shop, my first account shows clearly that this has been achieved, my electricity account has been replaced by finance payments for the next 3 years, and then I will be in a building with no power costs and much more carbon friendly!!!

Thanks Barry, and your team for a project well done!

Neil Sturrock
Neil Sturrock
Autobarn, Franchise Owner