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10kW Duncraig Medical Centre, Duncraig, WA

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Project details

  • Date

     April 10, 2014

  • Client

     Duncraig Medical Centre, Duncraig, WA

  • Task

     10kW On-Grid Solar System

10kW On-Grid Rooftop Solar PV System

Duncraig Medical Centre, Duncraig, WA

The major load in the premises during summer is airconditioning which coincides with the sunshine hours. After consultation with the management and assessing the roof space available, it was decided to install a 10kW Solar PV system which has the potential of generating about 45kWh per day. It was estimated that the solar power generation would offset approximately 30% of Duncraig Medical centre`s annual electricity consumption with a simple payback period of 3.5 years

System Size 10kW
Modules 40 x 250kW Hanwha SolarOne Polycrystalline module
Inverters 10kW SMA Tripower STP10000TL
Annual Energy Yield 15,860 kWh per annum

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