37kW Perth City YHA, Perth, WA

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Project details

  • Date

     March 2, 2014

  • Client

     Perth City YHA

  • Task

     37kW On-Grid Solar System

37kW On-Grid Rooftop Solar PV System

Perth City YHA, Perth, WA
Project Details

The major load in the premises during summer is air-conditioning which coincides with the sunshine hours. After consultation with the management and assessing the roof space available, it was decided to install a 37kW Solar PV system which has the potential of generating about 120kWh (or units) per day. It was estimated that the solar power generation would offset approximately 30% of Perth City YHA´s annual electricity consumption with a simple payback period of 2,2 years.

System Details
System Size37kW
Modules148 x 250kW Hanwha SolarOne polycrystalline module
Inverters2 x 15kW SMA Tripower STP15000TL
Annual Energy Yield52,000 kWh per annum
Estimated CO2 Saving39 metric tons per annum