5.32kW Whitfords Catholic Church, Craige, WA

5.32kW whitfords catholic church commercial solar project

Project details

  • Date

     June 30, 2011

  • Client

     Whitfords Catholic Church, Craige, WA

  • Task

     5.32 kW Solar System

  • Category

     3 - 10 kW


Project Details

The Whitford Catholic communities wanted to install a 5KW system with 28 panels ,each panel producing 190 W.The installation was completed in June 2011 by Regen team

  • Energy generated per annum: 8395 kWh
  • Reduce carbon footprint by approximately 4.349
  • metric tons per annum
  • Saves about 50% of Church electricity bill

    System Size5.32 kW
    Modules28X190W CEEG Panels
    Inverters5KW PowerOne
    ClientWhitfords Catholic Church
    Location270 Camberwarra Drive, Craige, WA 6025
    Completion DateJune 2011