CEO of Regen Power Emeritus Professor Chem Nayar dies at 75

CEO of Regen Power Emeritus Professor Chem Nayar dies at 75

With a heavy heart the staff of Regen Power announce the loss of Prof Chem Nayar. He has succumbed to Myeloma and left for heavenly abode.

Multi-award winning Emeritus Prof. Chem Nayar’s outstanding contribution to the Australian and global clean energy industry cannot be overstated. Since his Australian-first 1982 PhD thesis on wind power, his subsequent pioneering research and innovative projects have substantially advanced solar and wind systems as economically viable, sustainable energy sources.

Highlights of Prof. Nayar’s work:

  • Design and delivery of renewable energy systems to remote areas and communities, immeasurably improving living conditions, increasing connectivity and developing self-sufficiency.
  • Founder of the Centre for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technologies Australia (CRESTA) in 1992. CRESTA’s continued leadership in applied research and development of power conditioning and control systems solved unique challenges for remote supply systems and weak electricity grids as a Founder Member of the Australian Cooperative Research Centre for Renewable Energy.
  • Sustainable Energy Association Awards’ Ambassador Award 2011, recognising Prof. Nayar’s philosophy, attitude and actions demonstrating his commitment and leadership in sustainable energy.
  • First Fellow of Australian Solar Academy and First Australian Power Institute Lifetime Achievement Award winner.
  • Securing of over $9M in research funding for creative, practical renewable energy solutions specifically designed to support a wide range of communities and applications across Australia and overseas.
  • Seven trademark and patent applications.

Prof. Nayar’s commitment to industry-focused solutions over pure academic research was a major differentiator. A natural leader, he inspired future sustainable power innovators by being a hands-on educator championing real-life engineering work. Prof. Nayar had supervised 40 PhD and Masters students, each focused on exploring achievable benefits from the practical application of sustainable power.

Giving back for the benefit of others is a trait Prof. Nayar has consistently demonstrated throughout his exceptional career. For example, Prof. Nayar has:

  • Developed innovative design solutions that have contributed to economic stability, increased public awareness, and supported the emerging tourism industries of many remote communities in Australia and around the globe.
  • Engaged in 42 major national and international sustainable energy projects including in Australia, PNG, Malaysia, the Maldives, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. Often, these projects were the first of its kind in their country.
  • Established Curtin University as a world-renowned centre of excellence in the study of clean energy through his 38-year teaching and research career.
  • Supervised 40 individuals working towards PhD and Masters degree. Almost all continue to make invaluable contributions to the industry through successful careers in sustainable energy.
  • Published over 135 research papers and 80 journal articles.
  • Delivered keynote addresses at more than 40 national and international industry conferences.
  • Won many prestigious industry and national awards. Most recently, he was a finalist in the 2021 Australian of the Year Award.
  • Finalist of 2021 Western Australian of the Year

Even after four decades of relentless contribution to the clean energy industry, Prof. Chem Nayar had shown no signs of slowing down. He continued to contribute, offering expert consultancy for several UN and government aid agencies. He was also on the advisory board of two Australian renewable solutions companies holding 20% of the WA solar market.