Regen gets to semi-finalise in Australian Technologies Competition


Regen power is pleased to announce that it has been shortlisted as one of the Semi-Finalists for the Australian Technologies Competition(ATC) business accelerator program. Regen designed and developed a fully integrated innovative Hybrid Power Pack (Hybridgen) with variable speed diesel generator, solar/wind and battery pack with load management and control system. Load Optimised HybridGen saves 85% of fuel over a conventional generator and avoids 25t of CO2 per /year (10kW generator). HybridGEN is superior to a conventional diesel generator because it overcomes problems such as : wet stacking affected by low load efficiency; cylinder glazing; poor fuel efficiency; poor reliability; maintaining stable voltage and frequency under varying solar and wind inputs.

[button link=”http://regenpower.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/140522-ATC14-Semi-Finalists.pdf” title=”Read full article” size=”small” color=”blue” target=”_blank”]

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