Bluesol – Photovoltaic Design Software


BlueSol is a software for the design of photovoltaic systems in every country in the world. It allows you to perform the entire process of designing a PV System, from the preliminary assessment of energy generation to the production of final system documentation. Bluesol is a product made with a standard Microsoft interface, very easy to use but at the same time manages every detail of the PV system.

Model the PV system scheme
  • Model the system scheme in every detail
  • Use of wizards or direct editing
  • Edit scheme tree via copying and pasting
  • Easily achieve any system configuration
  • Create templates of the system
Integrated CAD System
  • Import planimetry map as a DXF, DWG or image
  • Arrange modules and strings, cables, panels, inverters and connection to the grid
  • Insert near obstacles
  • Check the result in the 3D integrated
  • Export to DWG
Panels, cables and electrical components
  • Calculate the voltage drops on the cables
  • Checks on electrical components
  • Automatic size of the electrical components
  • Archives to store the most used components
  • Bill of electrical components
Layout 3D
  • 3D visualization of layout
  • Simulations of shading of near obstacles
  • Assessments of irradiations on surfaces
  • Export to DWG or to image
Electrical scheme
  • Automatically created
  • Edit using CAD tools
  • Export to DWG
  • Dimensioning of the photovoltaic system
  • Definition of the cables
  • Dimensioning of electrical components
  • Insertion of the modules
  • Insertion of cables
World wide Location
  • NASA-SSE world wide irradiations
  • Insertion of new data of irradiation by the user
  • Importing of the irradiations from PVGISG
  • Internet maps support
Economic evaluation
  • Detailed economic analysis
  • Options to suit needs of different countries
Production of project documentation
  • Default and user templates of documents
  • Integrated word processor

Product Features

Operating System
  • Windows® 2000 Service Pack 3, XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32/64 bit), Windows 8
  • Creating a new project using the wizard for the dimensioning of the photovoltaic system
  • Creating a new project from a template
Project properties
  • No limit to the power of the system
  • Data input: system, designer, customer, additional user data
  • Project Settings: system temperatures, sizing on power of the inverters, dispersion
  • Archives of photovoltaic modules and inverters, data obtained from Photon, with more than 20,000 modules and more than 1600 inverters
  • Archive of photovoltaic modules, modifiable and expandable
  • Archive of the inverters, editable and expandable
  • Archive of cables and other electrical components managed by the user
  • Archive for consumption of electrical devices
  • Archive consumption profiles
  • Data tables for the average irradiation of locations most important
  • Insertion of new data of irradiation by the user
  • Importing of the irradiations from PVGIS
  • NASA-SSE world wide irradiations
  • Choice of locations and geographical coordinates wi th the aid of maps (requires internet connection)
  • Analysis of azimuth and tilt optimal. Possibility of differentiating the period of the year
  • Automatic insertion of far shading from digital images
  • Editing far shading
  • Possibility of multiple far shading on the same system
  • Representation of the schema of the system in all its parts
  • Calculation of the irradiation on the plane of the panels
  • Calculation of the production capacity of the photovoltaic system
  • Checks on the coupling between strings and inverters
  • Calculation of cables according to CEI-UNEL tables
  • Determination of the voltage drops and the flow rates of the cables
  • List of the electrical components of the system
  • Management of MPPT
  • Commands to cut, copy and paste the elements of the schema within the system schema
  • Selection commands by type of the elements of the system
  • Management of AC Panels connected to the main panel
  • Ability to explicitly specify the cable lengths
  • Verifications of the electrical components
  • Management of the electrical protection groups in the panels
  • Dimensioning wizard of the photovoltaic system
  • Scheme of producibility of the sections of the system
  • Automatic rename of the system components
  • Wizard for the dimensioning of the photovoltaic system
  • Wizard for the definition of cables
  • Wizard for the dimensioning of electrical components
  • Importing planimetry from DWG or image
  • Inserting strings easy and automated
  • Inserting Inverters, panels and counters
  • Cables arrangement with measurement of the lengths, that will be used in the verification
  • Editing and printing of the layout with advanced CAD capabilities
  • Exporting to DWG and DXF
  • Wizard for the guided insertion of strings
  • Wizard for guided arrangement of cables
  • Inserting the Title Block
  • 3D visualization of the layout
  • Shadowing due to obstacles next to the system
  • Distribution of irradiations over the areas
  • Animation of shadings on the PV system
  • Verifications on the inverter: limits on the voltage, limits on the current, limits on the power
  • Verifications on the inverter: calculation of the input voltage to the inverter calculated by reference to MPPT trackers
  • Verifications on the cables: voltage drop, capacity, calculation of the maximum voltage drop in the system
  • Verifications of electrical components
Economic Analysis
  • Analysis of profitability of the plant with assessment of financing
  • Diagram of cash flow over the life of the system
  • Management of taxation
  • Management of incentive rates
  • Tools of analysis of the consumption and self-consumption of the system
  • Export in xls format of the summary tables
Electrical Scheme
  • Automatic generation of single-line electrical scheme
  • Schema creation options: choice of layout; paper size; height of the character of the texts; display full or partial of modules and strings. The options for creating the schema are saved in the project
  • In the regeneration of the electrical scheme the user can keep the primitives he had created
  • Editing and printing of the electrical scheme with advanced CAD capabilities
  • Exporting to DWG and DXF
Print Documentation
  • The technical documentation of the project is produced as editable Word documents obtained from customizable templates
  • Technical report
  • Economic report
  • Bill of cables
  • Bill of electrical components
  • User-created documents
  • Integrated RTF editor