Ultima II - Power Saving Remote

  • Summer is almost here and with it higher air conditioning use and bigger electricity bills! You can reduce those by at least 40% by making your system work as efficiently as possible.
  • Air conditioning is usually one of the biggest consumers of electricity in a home, and these smart remote controls make it possible to reduce those costs without reducing your comfort.
  • These allow you to set the air conditioner to operate in the most efficient temperature range, no matter how hot or cold a remote user tries to set it.
  • It will automatically reduce your electricity consumption by not overworking the air conditioner by trying to reach impossible temperatures in the shortest time.
  • Will work on almost every remote controlled 'split' air-conditioning system in Australia - with a money back guarantee if it does not.
  • For just $49 and free delivery anywhere in Australia, this will pay for itself in just a few months and continue to save you money for years to come!

I'm really pleased with this new remote - it keeps the air at a comfortable temperature all the time and I don't have to worry about using too much electricity

D. Avery | Mandurah

I needed to replace my original remote after I dropped it and it broke - The same brand one was too expensive and this one has better features. Easy to program and fewer batteries too!

H. Gee | Joondalup

The auto-off feature is great so I don't fall asleep with the air con on all night any more and my kids can't try to make it too cold or too hot - It just stays in the most efficient range.

A. Quigley | Gwelup