Solar Panels backup

\"SolarSolar systems are generally categorized into two sections such as off-grid and on-grid. The on-grid solar system is connected to the utility grid. Excess power you produce is fed back into the grid. Utility power companies will you as per the tariff plans for the surplus electricity he has generated. When renewable resources are unavailable, electricity from the grid supplies your needs, eliminating the expense of power storage batteries.

On-grid solar power backup

The on-grid solar backup battery system can charge at off peak-hours and buy power whenever. The PV and battery power are not efficient to feed the loads. Backup batteries can use as an energy source at night time or at the time of power outage.

Off-Grid solar power backup

The off-Grid solar system is a stand-alone system that is not connected to the grid. A stand-alone solar system needs backup batteries to store the Power. The backup battery is an energy source at the time solar panels are not functional, such as at the time of bad weather conditions and night.

The solar power backup batteries are arranged to charge from the solar panel when the load is less and excess power is generated by the solar system. When the solar panels fail to generate power, the battery discharges through the load. To prevent overcharging and deep discharge of the batteries, a charge controller is added to the system.

Solar Power Battery

\"SolarThere are two types of battery available in the market, the traditional lead-acid battery and lithium battery. These batteries are the most cost-effective batteries. They required regular maintenance like maintaining the distilled water inside, cleaning the access caps, keeping the cable safely, etc. It required lots of space to keep.

Lithium batteries are costlier than Lead batteries. Lithium batteries are compact, and can be placed in more discrete locations, and is also maintenance-free. Lithium battery companies are providing 10 years warranty. One of the biggest benefits of lithium batteries for home solar systems is recharge efficiency. Lead-acid battery charge too slowly, but lithium batteries charges five times faster than Lead-acid battery. Lithium batteries are better than lead-acid batteries in most weather conditions. There are many other qualities that lithium batteries will outperform traditional lead-acid batteries. Tesla, Huawei, LG, BYD are top lithium, battery manufacturers.

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