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David Stephenson

Work was done on time clean job well done.

Sheryl Chen

Very happy with the solar panels installed by Regen. Keep up the good work!

Steven Tilley

Hi. I no longer live at 7 Pearl court, Maida Vale. We sold the home in Dec 2012. As far as everything was, we were very happy with the setup. Actually I promoted Regen Power to many friends who were happy with our results. I now am putting together an off grid system South of Perth (300km).
If you want to ask anything else call me on 0432325207. Cheers.

Abdullah Amin

I would highly recommend this company to any prospective client.

Neil Sturrock

Dear Regen Power,

I hereby confirm that at Autobarn Dubbo we have purchased and recently installed a 40kw Solar system onto our shop roof in Dubbo through BMC Energy Systems.

This week I received my first account for electricity since the installation and am delighted to say that my $8400 bill for 3 months up to May 2013(average 273kw/day at a cost of $103 per day) has been replaced by a $40 credit for 1.5 months ending 30th June (average 63kw at a cost of 26.31 per day).

To achieve this fantastic result, Barry came to Dubbo, studied our previous electricity usage and charges and consulted with me on ways to reduce our usage by changing all of our fluoro and Hi bay lights to LED.

We also changed our electricity provider to obtain a much better rate and then financed the purchase and installation of the Solar System on the roof.

The entire project from start to finish was led by Barry professionally and ran like clockwork, the result I was after was to have a enough solar capacity to operate my shop, my first account shows clearly that this has been achieved, my electricity account has been replaced by finance payments for the next 3 years, and then I will be in a building with no power costs and much more carbon friendly!!!

Thanks Barry, and your team for a project well done!



Phone: (02) 6884 4177
Email: sales@dubbo.autobarn.com.au
Web: www.autobarn.com.au

Gino Poscoliero

Dear professor Nayar & Regen Power Staff

24 January 2012 was the anniversary of my 10/26kw PV Solar System on my roof and I thought I’d analyse how it went.

My panels are inclined at an angle of 10 degrees and 18 degrees to azimuth (NNEast). PV Watts, the esteemed USA solar power research organisation poredicted that my system would generate 12,697 kw of power in one calendar year.

I am delighted to report that, despite the effects of a protracted ‘La Nina’ event here on the East Coast (ie. More rain/cloud than usual), my system generated 13,217 kw of power up to to 23/1/2012 – ie. 4% more than predicted!!!!

Thank you once again for a fantastic job.

Kind Regards,

Jon, Alderley

I just thought you might like to know how much power I generated in the first day of operation of my system and what the 2 kW system I had installed looks like.

The system was turned on at about 330 pm on Monday, in the middle of the rain we had that afternoon. Thus the first two hours only generated about 1 kW maximum. Yesterday was a clear day with maximum generation – the system turned on just before 7 am, and was off when I got home in the dark at 6pm last night. You can see the total run time of 14 hours in the LCD screen, and the total generation of 12 kWh.

This means I generated 11 kWh yesterday, which is well above the 8 kWh the system is meant to generate on an average day. I believe this excellent performance is because Jason’s team match the inverter with the panels to ensure maximum efficiency. We selected panels that perform well in partial sun, so they generate maximum electricity morning and evening, rather than just the maximum peak output.

As you can well imagine, I am pleased with the service provided by Jason and his team, and the system they provided is certainly generating the electricity that they said it would. No, I am not being paid! But it is good to know that the product works well when you pay out the not insignificant sums that are involved.

Robert Menhennett

On the advice of a friend I selected Regen Power to quote and then carry out the installation of Solar Panels etc. on the roof of our dwelling. I have been satisfied with their honesty in our dealings and with the speed they arranged for the panels and inverter to be installed. I would recommend them to my friends for the same work.

Gordon and Sandra Phillips

Hi Everyone at REGEN,

We just want to thank you for the opportunity to be involved in powering the future. We know the  federal government helped us to get this dream going, but it’s the courageous people like yourselves that will make this work.
You have been so professional in the way you organized the installation of our solar panels and the Sunny Boy Inverter. We just got the whole system working today thanks to the speedy subcontractors you have chosen to do your work.
Western Power did their bit today too, so now we can watch the little numbers rise all day if we want.

We found out about your company and the fantastic deal you offered, through friends at the school where my wife works. Lots of the teachers were very interested in getting into solar, so when we heard about it and saw that it made sense to go ahead and contribute to providing power onto the grid as well as for our own use, we went ahead.

We are really pleased with the results, and now can brag about our little power station to our friends at work, and family members, some of whom were just a day too late to get in “on the ground floor.”

Yours sincerely,

Ed Gebert & Family

We are very happy with Regen Power’s solar system. It was installed two months ago, but we have since received one Synergy electricity bill and it showed a marked decrease in our electricity cost. I have refered Regen Power’s solar power system to some of our friends who are now looking at solar power also.

Kenneth Kent

May I take the liberty of expression my appreciation to REGEN POWER for the supply and installing of the 1Kw Solar Electric system to our home in Canning Vale. The professionalism and manner in which the technicians undertook that task was commendable.

Chris Cairns

We are very happy with the insulation work that you did in our residence in Roleystone.

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