Solar Panels Brisbane

Solar Panels Brisbane

High efficiency mono PERC panels and battery-ready premium inverterts to maximize day-time power savings.

Queensland PV Landscape

Over 32% of residents in Queensland uses rooftop solar systems. The "sunshine" state has invested over $1 billion in the solar industry. The state contributes heftly to the renewable energy landscape of Australia, and as of 2019, the total power generation from the residential rooftop PV systems is more than the Gladstone Power station (1.68GW). With target of 3GW by 2020, Queensland has a lucrative feed-in tariff scheme. In Brisbane, the most populous QLD city, 6kW is the most popular among the residential customers, producing an average of 4 kWh per day.

6kW System Brisbane

As the innovation in the renewable energy industry continues, the power to price ratio for solar packages is at its lowest in Brisbane. This provides faster return-on-investment for residential consumers. The solar batteries are also projected to reach the consumer scale affordability in Australia by the end of 2021. These two factors provide highlights the obvious advantage - minimal grid dependency - of larger capacity rooftop systems. In short, they are future-ready, and leaves sufficient energy for storage and night-time use. A 6+ kW PV system with half-cell mono PERC panels and battery-ready (plug-n-play) inverter can provide the optimal payback in the long term.



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