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At a Glance

ProductReview Awards Winner 2023

Regen Power has won the ProductReview.com.au Award in the Solar Installer Category for the third year in a row year (2021, 2022 & 2023). The award is given to the solar company that earned the highest 5-star rating in the calendar year 2022

Belmont & WA Business Awards 2022 – "Enterprise of the Year" category

Regen Power has been named the winner of the 29th Belmont & Western Australian Award 2022 in the category of “Enterprise of the Year”. The award recognises an organisation’s overall business excellence.

Completed 35,000 installations

Regen Power has completed 35,000 residential rooftop solar installations.

FT High-Growth Companies Asia-Pacific

Regen Power ranked 424th in the List of High-Growth Companies of Asia Pacific by FT for the year of 2022.

2022 ProductReview.com.au Award

Regen Power has won the ProductReview Award in the Solar Installer Category for the second year in a row year (2021 & 2022). The award is given to the solar company that earned the highest 5-star rating in the calendar year 2021

2021 Belmont and Western Australia Business Awards

Regen Power has been named the winner of the 28th Belmont & Western Australian Award 2021 in the category of ‘Sustainability.’ The award recognises an organisation that is conscious of the environment, sustainability, energy efficiency, and circular economy practices.

Western Australian of the year Award

Emeritus Professor Chem Nayar, CEO Regen Power, is the finalist of Western Australian of the Year Awards 2021 in the Professions Award category

Financial Times High Growth Company in Asia-Pacific 2021

Regen Power ranked as 326th High Growth Company in Asia-Pacific 2021 by Financial Times

Brett Lee, Brand Ambassador 2021

Australian Cricket Legend and top bowler in the world joins Regen Power as brand ambassador

ProductReview.com.au 2021 Award Winner

ProductReview.com.au 2021 Award winner Regen Power is proud to be 2021 ProductReview Award Winner. Regen Power has 4.8 Stars rating by the ProductReview.com.au Community. ProductReview.com.au is Australia’s #1 consumer review website. Since 2003, ProductReview has over 90,000 of Australia’s top products & services

2021 WA Australian of the Year – Finalist

Emeritus Professor Chem Nayar, CEO Regen Power, is the finalist for the 2021 WA Australian of the Year.

A High Growth Company

  • Australian Financial Review Fast 100 Companies List
    Financial Times High-Growth Companies in Asia-Pacific 2020.
  • Nikhil Jayaraj, Managing Director of Regen Power Pty Ltd was named as a winner of the Business News 40under40 2020 Awards
Financial review fast 100 2020

Rising Stars People's Choice Awards

  • Certified Tesla Installer
  • Completed 25,000 Installations
  • Winner of the 2019 Rising Stars People’s Choice in Western Australia.
  • Australian Technologies Competition Semi Finalist
  • Regen won “Business Management” category at the 26th Belmont and Western Australian Business Awards 2019
  • CV Energy innovator award 2019

20,000 Installations

Completed 20,000 residential, commercial and off-grid solar installations throughout Australia. Our 15th Year Anniversary as one of the top consistent solar panels installers Perth





15,000 Installations

Regen completed 15,000 residential, commercial and off-grid solar installations throughout Australia.

Western Australian Knowledge

Born and bred in Perth, WA, in 2003 when the market was still learning about rooftop solar PV systems, Regen Power is the pioneer in residential and commercial solar power system and solar panel solutions. We have installed over 10,000 residential rooftop solar systems Australia-wide and led the charge into other countries to start projects with both economic and educational implication in sustainability living.

Spanning Continents

Besides focusing on taking our own HybridGEN (integrated Renwable PowerPack) System to the Australian commercial and industrial market, Regen Power is engaged in business development in developing countries in Africa, India and South East Asia. We provide residential rooftop and commercial grid connected and off-grid solar power solutions through local partners, as well as engineering design and consultation on utility scale projects ranging from 500kW to 100MW.

Crossed 10,000 PV installations

By 2015 we crossed over 10,000 solar installations, over 1000 HybridGEN-backed telecom power supplies, and several remote community projects.



regen award

Finalist in Australian Technology Competition

  • Regen was a finalist in the Australian Technology Competition in 2014.
  • Professor Chem Nayar was selected as the First Fellow of the Australian Solar Council

Crossed 8,000 PV installations

By 2014 we crossed over 8,000 solar installations.



Crossed 6,000 PV installations

Crossed 6,000 PV installations.

Sustainable Energy Industry's Ambassador Award

Regen Power has invested heavily in R&D to invent sustainable technologies that would save fuel, electricity cost and reduce pollution. The patented technology is deployed in major mining sites in Western Australia. As a testimony for our commitment to sustainable energy development, Regen Power was conferred the prestigious Sustainable Energy Industry’s Ambassador Award and the Product Technology Award in 2011.

Patented HybridGEN

Regen has pioneered an innovative solar integrated power system, named HybridGEN™. This system is based on Professor Nayar’s patented variable speed diesel generator technology (US 7072194 & PCT/AU2011/001068).

SHCP Scheme

Installed over 1000 residential systems under Solar Homes & Communities Plan (SHCP)

48kW Eco Beach Resort Installation

48kW Eco-Beach Resort, Broome.

Delivered a turn-key solar PV/Diesel hybrid power system for the Eco Beach Wilderness Resort in Broome, A$1.1 Million

Wind / PV / Diesel Micro Grid System - Maldives

A renewable energy power plan was proposed to implement through a program of deployment of solar and wind systems in stand-alone systems and with mini-grid distribution village power for the islands in the Republic of Maldives

ARC Linkage Project

Grant amount: $270,000 Innovative Grid-Connected, Small-Scale Wind Turbine Generators Offering Low Cost and Wide Operating Speed Range

ARC Linkage Project

Grant amount: $280,000 Variable speed diesel power conversion system using a doubly fed induction generator

ARC Linkage Project

Grant amount: $230,000 & 250,000 Project details: Control and Interfacing of IGBT Inverters for small scale grid-connected wind turbine generators Multifunction Power Electronic Interface for Mini- Grid Systems

Asian Development Bank Project

Grant amount: $150,000 Rural Electrification Institutional Strengthening Project

Regen Power

Our Beginning

In 2003, Regen Power was established in Perth and is renowned for both innovation in the field of renewable energy and the service of our dedicated team. The company has secured its market share in Western Australia under the leadership of founding Managing Director, Professor Chem Nayar, who has over 30 years’ experience in applied research and commercialisation of alternative energy sources. In 1988, Professor Nayar established the Centre for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technologies Australia at Curtin University and successfully managed the Centre for 15 years.