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Solar power systems mainly consists of solar panels and inverter. Solar panels convert solar radiation into Direct Current (DC) which then flows into an inverter. The inverter converts this DC into Altenating Current (AC) which can be used in home. Any unused electricity generated during the day time is fed into the grid.

Through the Federal Government’s Solar Credit Scheme you can avail thousands of dollars as discount to purchase a new PV system. You then get paid for any excess electricity you export to the grid.

Excellent customer satisfaction
Excellent Customer Satisfaction

We have achieved near five stars overall rating for our courteous and efficient service.

Best value solar in perth
Best Value Solar Packages in Perth

We sell a wIde range of brands. We install Top Quality Solar Panels In Perth. Choose best solar system for your budget.

WA Born and Bred Company

We are truly a WA company. Installing over 40,000 residential and commercial installations.

Premium Solar Panels Perth

Go Solar. Power that doesn’t cost the Earth. Regen Power is the pioneer in residential and commercial solar power systems and solar panel solutions. We have installed over 40,000 residential rooftop solar systems Australia-wide and led the charge into other countries to start projects with both economic and educational implication in sustainability living.

Residential Solar Systems
Residential Solar Systems

5kW Solar System,
6.6kW Solar System

commercial solar systems
Commercial Solar Systems

10kW, 20kW, 40kW, Up to 100kW Solar Systems for Businesses

Off-grid solar systems
Off-Grid Solar Systems

HybridGEN, AcquaSmart, Solar-Wind Hybrid Systems

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Regen Power is proud to be 2021, 2022, 2023 & 2024 ProductReview Award Winner. Regen Power has 4.9 Star rating by the ProductReview.com.au Community. ProductReview.com.au is Australia’s #1 consumer review website.

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Regen Power has 4.8 Rating on Google Reviews.

Solar Panels

Regen Power offers premium range solar panels which delivers high performance year round. With over 25 years of warranty, your solar power systems will remain secure. We also offer all the Top 7 Tier-1 (SMSL) solar panel brands.


High quality European made inverter with 10 years warranty - an affordable solar energy option


Discounted solar batteries for your home! Maximize your solar panel efficiency and power savings. A long term solution to your residential solar energy needs.

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Financial Review Fast 100 2020

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