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Why Regen Power

Regen Power is one of the leading solar installer in Perth, Western Australia. Established in 2003, Regen Power is a National company providing renewable energy products and services to residential, commercial and off -grid mining and remote community markets, with a vision to create affordable access to power through sustainable solutions and innovative technologies. Ranked as the 55th-fastest growing company in Australia by Financial Review in 2020, Regen Power has won various awards and nods for sustainable development and product development. Regen Power’s contribution has been instrumental in commercialising renewable energy power systems to regular households at affordable prices.

  • Based in Perth, WA
  • Supplier of Canadian & German Tier 1 solar panels and inverters
  • 19 years of expertise
  • Installations by certified & licensed electricians
  • Installed over 35,000 residential solar systems in Perth
  • Dedicated after sales support

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  • What will be the cost of your system?

    Solar Panels & Inverters

    For a PV system there are numerous number of PV panel and inverter brands available in the country. Some relatively new brands offer lower pricing. So, to ensure reliability and long-term warranty services it is always a rule of thumb to choose the premium PV panels and inverter brands. Premium, in the case of panels, signifies tier-1 brands. You will find a lot of complicated definition in internet, when it comes to tier-1 panels. Simply put, tier rankings are based on the advanced manufacturing processes, R&D and production quantity. This correlates to panel performance and durability. Therefore tier-1 panels signifies the “best in the business”. And some popular tier-1 panels include Jinko, Trina and Q-Cell panels.

    When it comes to inverter brands, “premium” signifies German and European brands, known for their decades of expertise and reliability. Regen Power offers the best European brands like SMA and Fronius inverters. With over 10 years of warranty, they will ensure unhindered performance and future battery compatibility. Thus, with premium PV modules and German inverters, your PV system will secure your future energy needs.

    Brands We Install