Offgrid Power Systems

Regen Power pioneered the innovative HybridGEN offgrid power Pack. This replaces the conventional diesel generators by combining solar photovoltaic panels and wind generators with our innovative variable speed generator technology (patent pending). Furthermore, this innovation provides a reliable power source that is both economically and environmentally sustainable. It is also adaptable to all locations in Australia. HybridGEN finds multiple applications in:


AcquaSmart – A sustainable solution to provide clean drinking water to remote areas. This system is another of Regen’s innovative achievements throughout the past 16 years. AcquaSmart is powered by Regen’s patented HybridGEN system that combines renewable energy sources such as solar PV, small wind turbines, micro-hydro technologies with Variable Speed Generators. This system is optimal for:

Solar-Wind Hybrid

Another category of offgrid power is the wind-solar hybrid systems. They are more reliable alternatives for remote area energy supply. Unlike the conventional offgrid systems, that are naturally limited to daylight production, these units can generate energy at any time of day or night. Although it is more intermittent than solar energy, it also benefits from solar support. A combination of these two resources can yield a much more dependable power system, especially with the combination of a battery storage.
However, solar-wind hybrids has less dependence on size of battery storage as there is less reliance on one method of power production. Applications for off-grid HybridGEN systems include:

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