Battery storage system is one of the ways to maximise your energy savings and reduce your dependency on grid. Some of the brands such as Huawei, Qhome, Tesla, Redback offer most sought after battery storage solutions across Australia. Solar battery in Perth, given it belongs to one of these brands, are compatible with most solar power systems and have longer period of warranty. If you want to know more on solar batteries in Perth, get a quote free of cost from Regen Power.


Solar Panels have recently penetrated the renewable energy solutions and they are witnessing a steep rise in popularity. You can save massively through your residential solar system by attaching them with a residential solar battery solution. You may also overhaul your system to include charge your home and your EV as well!

Solar batteries store the surplus solar energy which is generated by your solar panels. You may use the extra power at night and significantly reduce your electricity bill. Installing a smart solar battery solution is the surely a greener and cleaner way of running your home and truly become self-reliant in energy.


Want to lower your electricity bills? Solar batteries are going to save you a lot of money, decrease your reliance on grid, and lower your carbon emissions.

On an average, if you are a Regen Power customer, you may cut your electricity bill by a whopping 60% or even more. However, it would depend on the size of the solar system, average sunlight hours and power usage.

Australia is going through a renewable energy revolution where more and more people do not want to rely on grid supplied power which is facilitating a major paradigm shift in energy distribution network. The government is also providing rebates which reduces the upfront cost of solar system. This is the right time to invest in solar system and solar batteries.

Yes – feed-in tariffs still apply when you have a battery.

Regen Power solar system customers get paid for any excess solar power which is generated by their systems and supplied to grid. If the solar system is producing surplus energy, it can either be stored in a solar battery for later use or supplied back to grid.

Whatever customers earn through this feed in tariff is adjusted against their electricity bill.

The federal government and some state governments across Australia provide financial assistance for installing a solar battery.

Solar battery can protect you from blackouts but I will depend on the capacity of battery installed, usage, and duration of blackout. A fool proof way to get protection is to install optional backup box at an additional cost.

Batteries like the Tesla Powerwall come complete with an immediate outage detection feature. It means that the Tesla Powerwall will switch your energy source to stored power automatically and provide backup power in case of major grid failure.

If your solar panels generate excess energy beyond your household’s requirements, the surplus power will charge your home storage battery. The stored energy will subsequently power your home appliances during night. Energy that remains can be supplied to the grid, allowing you to earn feed in tariff thus, reducing your electricity bill.

“Solar self-consumption” means when you are using all the solar energy that you produce. A solar and battery system can reduce your dependency on grid by providing power in night and lower your dependence on grid.



Tesla Powerwall offers 13.5kWh of usable energy storage capacity and can be stacked in a chain. You can connect the Powerwall to mobile app for real-time monitoring and tracking. Regen Power is a Tesla Certified Powerwall installer in Australia. We offers professional Installations of Tesla Powerwall at your residence or commercial space. Regen Power is a Tesla Certified Powerwall installer.

Huawei Luna Solar Battery


The Huawei Luna Smart String Battery offers a modular solution tailored to your needs. With 5 kWh, 10 kWh, or 15 kWh and the ability to expand later, the Luna battery is ideal for responding to changing needs. In combination with the optional PV Optimizer, you get a powerful system with high efficiency.

Flexible architecture for optimal expandability as well as a power module for independent charging and discharging per battery module supports new and old battery modules in one system without limiting the usable energy.


The Q.HOME⁺ ESS HYB-G3 power storage system is the ideal solution for households, as it enables homeowners to sustainably reduce their electricity costs while benefiting from longterm operational and yield security. Its scalable and modular design make the Q.HOME⁺ ESS HYB-G3 energy storage system the optimal solution for own consumption of solar power.

q cell home solar battery


SENEC is a German brand and one of the leading energy storage manufacturer in Europe. Company has established a network in Australia. SENEC has received awards and achievement including Top Storage-System 2017 and Growth Champion 2017. SENEC.Cloud 2.0 and the SENEC.Cloud To Go are the leading models of SENEC


Redback was founded in 2015 in Brsibane, Australia by a handful of green energy technology enthusiasts. Redback\’s Smart Battery System is the perfect upgrade to your exiting solar system.



SolarEdge Energy Bank is designed to work with award-winning SolarEdge Energy Hub for more power, savings, and independence. Maximizes solar use year-round, and during an outage, with unique, DC-coupled technology – requiring only one power conversion, vs. three conversions with legacy AC-coupled technology. Delivers more power at less cost, thanks to an industry-leading 94.5% round-trip efficiency – system owners can maximize solar use and lower utility bills. Helps speed up homeowner payback with the exclusive ability to simultaneously charge batteries AND send energy to the grid for credits (where available)


Already known for making quality, dependable products and appliances, LG is a house hold name that you can trust. LG Chem offers six residential storage batteries in two product lineups to fulfill diverse capacity and voltage needs of homeowners. LG Batteries comes with modular design enables easier transportation, handling, and installation. Real time battery status monitoring and early diagnosis with RESU Monitor.

BYD Battery


BYD Lithium batteries are among the most versatile on the market, their range of B-Box batteries with capacities ranging from 2.5kWh to 13.8kWh expandable. BYD has developed a battery storage line, which is suitable for any application. While the modular LV and HV solutions fit any residential application, the commercial battery is suitable for big implementations.


The Encharge storage system performs two critical functions in your system. The batteries, internal to Encharge, store energy for later use or for use during a power outage. The IQ 8X-BAT micro inverters in the Encharge units provide the voltage and frequency necessary for the operation of your solar array and the electrical circuits in your home during an outage. The IQ 8XBAT micro inverters converts your harvested energy into usable AC electricity for your house.
Encharge communicates with the Envoy through a mesh network of wireless signals.

iStore battery


iStore is an Australian-owned company dedicated to renewable energy, particularly solar power and hot water technologies. They aim to lead in the solar industry by providing high-quality, innovative products in collaboration with manufacturing partners committed to sustainability.

Their extensive product range includes hot water systems, solar inverters, and energy storage solutions. iStore emphasizes quality and reliability, underpinned by rigorous quality control and a team of experienced professionals offering technical support and guidance. The company actively promotes a sustainable future through efficient and clean energy solutions.

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