Solar Installation Price in Perth 2023

Solar installation in Perth 2023

Solar installation in Perth 2023 may dig a little deep in your pocket but it is really a long time investment. If you see the long-term benefit, it may save you an extra buck and reduce your carbon footprint significantly. Plus, you have rebates provided by the Government of Australia. Let’s take a look!

The cost of solar installation can vary depending on various factors. Some of the factors include the system size, panel brand, inverters brand, and the complexity of the installation.

By analyzing the different Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved solar installer pricing, the average cost of installing a 6.6kW solar panel system in Perth, Australia in 2023 is in-between $4,500 – $6,500. However, prices can fluctuate based on several factors, including changes in material costs, government incentives and rebates, installation fees, and more.

However, it’s important to note that prices can vary depending on the specific circumstances of each installation. It’s recommended to get multiple quotes from reputable solar installation companies in your area to get a more accurate estimate.

Solar Installation Rebate in Australia 2023

According to the Western Australian government, households that have installed residential solar systems can receive three types of benefits.

  1. The first benefit is upfront incentives, which include the Small Scale Renewable Energy Schemes grant. This grant provides Small-scale Technology certificates (STC) that can be used to receive a 10% discount on the total cost of a rooftop or any other solar installation. The discount applies to solar systems installed in Western Australia after 2017 and expected to generate electricity for 15 years or until 2030. This rebate will make solar panel installation in Perth super affordable.
  2. The second benefit is electricity savings and income. By producing electricity through a rooftop installation, a household may be able to reduce the amount of electricity it needs to purchase from the energy provider. ‘Solar Perth 2023’ would be the name of the revolution that will make and save electricity for you, you just have to do a solar panel installation in Perth.
  3. The third benefit is the Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme (DEBS), which allows households to export excess electricity generated by their residential solar systems to the grid and receive a tariff from their energy supplier. The DEBS program was announced by the Western Australian government on August 31, 2020, and is open to those who generate electricity through their solar systems, batteries, or export-capable EVs.

Under the DEBS program, energy generators can receive high prices for their exported energy during peak hours, such as between 3 PM to 9 PM when electricity demand is high. As of September 2021, the peak rate is 10 cents per kWh, and the off-peak rate is 2.5 cents per kWh for Synergy customers. These rates are higher than the rates at which electricity is typically sold.

  1. Although the cost of residential solar systems has skyrocketed, there are several solar financing options available to consider while planning for installation, such as:

●       You can ask the installation company to offer payment in installments over time or add the cost to your home loan.

●       Green Loans are a type of loan that finances the purchase of green assets, and are based on the “use of proceeds” principle. The first Green Loan was agreed upon in 2017 by Contact Energy under the Green Borrowing Program. These loans assist individuals in transitioning to renewable energy sources.

Solar Installation in Western Australia 2023

As Western Australia (WA) undergoes a rapid transformation of its power system from traditional energy generation models to diverse options like rooftop solar PV, new Emergency Solar Management regulations were implemented on 14 February 2022. Government reports that WA is witnessing 3000 solar installtions every month.

Approximately 400,000 homes and businesses in Western Australia, which accounts for 36% of customers, have installed rooftop solar that is connected to the South West Interconnected System (SWIS) which is unprecedented. Solar installation in Perth 2023 is growing at a rapid rate too. This is why its high time that you should switch to renewables as well.

Solar installation history Western Australia

In the past, there was a widely held belief among utility industry experts and solar skeptics that solar power could not provide more than 5% of grid electricity without causing the grid to fail. However, new records have recently been set, surpassing the previous benchmark achieved exactly one year ago on September 10, 2021. According to AEMO’s data, the latest peak of 69% penetration was achieved thanks to the high level of solar panel installation in Perth and electricity generation and the relatively low electricity demand.

AEMO also reported that the grid’s minimum operational demand levels were set over a September 2022 weekend, with 759 MW on Saturday and 742 MW on Sunday which was monumental in itself. This led to the government to close its two coal generators.

Solar Panel Perth Cost

Perth is considered one of the top solar cities in Australia as it receives an average of approximately 5.8 hours of “peak sunshine” per square meter per day. The household energy demand varies depending on the family size, the frequency of appliance use, and the types of appliances used. Is it worth investment to install solar panels in Perth, WA? Read this article to get an idea about this.

As a benchmark, a 3-person household typically uses around 20-25 kWh of energy per day. Based on this, the average cost of a 6.6 kW solar panel system in Perth is approximately $4,900 after deducting the STC rebate. The rebate will give you a benefit of around $3,000 as it will generate approximately 82 SCTS. The rebates have helped significantly in rising the rate of solar installation in Perth 2023.

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