Is it possible to Install solar panels on the shed roof?

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Are you thinking to install solar panels on the shed roof? There are several factors that have to be considered before taking the final decision. The structural integrity of the shed is the prime factor that has to consider before installing the solar panels on your shed roof. The structure must be capable to bear the additional weight of solar panels. The fault in calculating the strength of the structure may lead to mishaps while adding the panels to the roof.  You can take the advice of an engineer to decide the suitability of your shed for taking an extra load. If your structure is strong enough, then you can proceed with the installation of solar on the shed roof.

If your shed is not strong enough, then you take steps to strengthen the shed. But, reengineering costs may be expensive. The ideal solution is that construct your shed from the beginning as solar-ready. This will help to avoid problems if you want to install solar in the future. In addition to that, you must check with the wiring in and to the shed. Usually, the solar installer will check the wiring and decide whether the wiring to the system is sufficient enough to feed back into the grid. Sometimes, the installer may recommend cable upgrades if it is not meet the AS regulations.

 Pros and cons of solar installation in shed roof

Solar panels for shed are becoming popular and it offers the perfect way to power your shed. However, there are some pros and cons before installing residential solar panels on your shed roof.  The main advantage of installing solar on your shed is that you can reduce the operating cost considerably. This will give a good return on investment. Moreover, it will give you control over your electricity bills. It gives backup energy in outages and more importantly less wire use and maintenance. It also offers an eco-friendly solution for your power requirements. The major concern while installing solar on your shed is the initial investment.  Apart from that, the panels should face ideally south. Moreover, your shed must be strong enough to bear the extra load of solar panels.

The shed roof is safe to install important considerations

Solar panels are safe on the shed roof if your shed has structural integrity. You must also take care to handle the extra drag during the windy condition. If you are planning to install solar on the shed roof, plan it right from the beginning of constructing the structure. This will help to cope with the extra demand. Moreover, it is better to construct the structure as solar-ready to eliminate the retrofitting cost in the future. If your build is engineered correctly at the initial design and quote stage will help you down the track when insuring your asset.

After recent updates to the National Construction Code, councils are now looking closer at buildings with rooftop solar panels. If you are at all considering installing solar panels on your building, it is strongly recommended that you ensure your shed design and engineering is compliant with your local council regulations.

Important considerations

The primary thing that you must consider while installing solar panels is structural integrity.  Roof pitch, orientation, shed location, and energy requirements are other factors that need to be considered.   Solar power is the cheaper and a long-term solution for your energy requirements.  Being an environment-conscious human being, you will get green energy and there is no need to depend on electricity supply companies to meet your energy need. This will provide a consistent flow of energy and no need to worry about outages. It also offers you better control over your energy bills because solar energy is an inexpensive option that helps in reducing future energy bills. More importantly, period checking and maintenance of solar panels is essential for the optimum production of solar power.

Wiring and cabling in the shed

Poor application of wire and cable management may hinder the performance efficiency of your solar system. Selection of the right materials and the perfect product for your specific application are the prime factors that have to be considered in the cable management plan. Choosing a reputable and experienced professional to install solar panels is also equally important. It is advisable to choose the best solar installation company to get high-quality renewable energy for the long term.

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