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  • 25 Years Product Warranty
  • 25/30 Years Performance Warranty
  • Durability in all weather conditions
  • Latest technology with high efficiency

Brands We Install

Trina Solar Panels

Trina is one of the largest manufacturer of solar photovoltaic (PV) modules in the world. It has strong presence in Australia. Company has producing solar panels for residential and commercial purpose since 2019. Vertex S+ is the latest and most advanced panels produced by Trina.

Key Features

  • Small in size, bigger on power
  • Dual-glass Design, more secure and sustainable
  • Ultra-low Degradation, longer warranty, higher output
  • Universal solution for residential and C&I rooftops
  • 25 Years Product Warranty
  • 30 Years Power Warranty

JA Solar Panels

JA Solar is founded in China in 2005. Company have production facility in China and Malaysia. The manufacturer was named one of the world’s most bankable (financially strong) solar brands by Bloomberg New Energy Finance in 2016. Deep Blue is the most advanced and latest panel from JA Solar.

Key Features

  • Better mechanical loading tolerance
  • Less shading and lower resistive loss
  • Higher output power and Lower LCOE
  • 25 Year Product warranty
  • 25 Year linear power output warranty
  • 55% Annual Degradation over 25 years

Jinko Solar Panels

Jinko Solar is another popular and tier1 solar panel worldwide. Jinko Solar panel has strong presence in Australia. Jinko solar panels has utility, commercial and residential customer all over the world. Tiger Pro 440W, Tiger Pro P Type 415W and Tiger Pro N Type 415W are the latest and most advanced solar panels from Jinko.

Key Features

  • Multi busbar technology
  • Anti-PID performance guarantee
  • Durability on extreme weather conditions
  • 25 year product warranty
  • 30 year linear power warranty
  • 5400 Pa snow load, 2400 Pa wind load
Tiger N-Type 66TR

Tiger Pro P-Type 54HC
390 - 415W

Tiger Pro TR60M
430 - 450W

Longi Solar Panels

Longi Solar is the world's largest mono-crystalline solar cell and module manufacturer. Longi panels are also one of the most selling solar panels in Australia. Apart from many residential owners, Longi panels are using in solar farms and large scale commercial. Hi-Mo 4m is the latest and advanced technology panels from Longi.

Key Features

  • Suitable for distributed projects
  • M6 Gallium doped water Technology
  • Excellent outdoor power generation
  • 12 year product warranty
  • 25 year linear power warranty
  • Long term reliability

QCells Solar Panels

Q Cell is one of the leading Solar panels brands in Australia. Q CELLS Solar Panel is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Q cell Solar Panel’s technology headquarter located in Germany. Q Cell Solar panel’s manufacturing facilities located in China, Malaysia, USA, and South Korea. Q Peak Duo Panels are the latest panels from Q Cells. These panels tested on most comprehensive quality programme. QPEAK Duo 415W and QMAXX 410W are the latest and advanced panels from QCells. These panels comes with 405W to 415W ranges.

Key Features

  • Certified for high snow and wind loads
  • Latest technology that provide 21.4% efficiency
  • Long term yield security with Anti LID Technology
  • 25 Years Product Warranty
  • 25 Years Performance Warranty



Risen Solar Panels

Risen Panels are manufactured by Risen Energy, China. Risen Energy is producing panels for residential, commercial and utility solar panels. Risen solar panels are high quality, high performance tier-1 products. 100MW Merredin Solar Farm and 103 MW Yarranlea Solar Farm are the key projects used by Risen solar panels. Titan S panels are the latest and advanced panels from Risen.

Key Features

  • Excellent low irradiance performance
  • High wind and snow load capacity
  • Lowest thermal co-efficient of power
  • 25 Years Product Warranty
  • 25 Years Performance Warranty

Canadian Solar Panels

Canadian solar are one of the leading panel manufacture all over the world. HiKu6 Mono PERC is the latest panel from Canadian Solar. These panels comes with 390W to 420W.

Key Features

  • Excellent low irradiance performance
  • High wind and snow load capacity
  • Lowest thermal co-efficient of power
  • 25 Years Product Warranty
  • 25 Years Performance Warranty

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    How did you hear about us?

    Sun is the original source of all energy, and we all benefit from its resources. With over 2.5 million installations, the solar power business in Australia is booming. Solar panels are an integral part of any solar system.

    What makes a Solar Panel?

    Silicon, metal, and glass are the main components of solar panels. Monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon are components of standard panels. Silicon is a non-metal with conductive properties that give it the ability to convert sunlight into electricity. There are negative silicon strips and positive silicon strips layered inside the panel. When the lights interact with a silicon cell, Electrons set into motion. This motion initiates a flow of electricity.

    When a number of photovoltaic cells are placed under the glass sheet, it makes solar panels. Silicon cells are paired with a metal casing and wiring, which allow the solar cell’s electrons to escape and supply useful power. Glass Casing is using for protecting Silicon PV, which makes panels more durable. Under the glass, the panels have a casing for insulation and a protective backsheet. This insulation limits the heat dissipation which would otherwise affect the solar output.

    How do solar panels work?

    Each solar panel contains photovoltaic cells that take light or photons from the sunlight. These have energy, but zero rest mass. When the photons collide with other particles their energy is converted to other forms depending on the kind of atoms they touch. Electricity can also be produced when the photons make electrons in the atoms so agitated that they break away and move about freely. The n-type silicon electrons seek out the ones in p-type silicon to replace their missing electrons and the flow between the two types produced. Silicon sustains the electrical imbalances which ensure a steady supply of electricity as long as photons hit the solar panels. Wires carried out this current throughout the system.

    Use of solar inverter

    When sunlight hits the solar panel, PV cells produce direct current (DC) electricity. DC electricity can’t power home on its own. Inverters convert DC electricity from solar panels to alternating current (AC) electricity. This electricity what powers the home. If the solar panels don’t produce enough energy to cover all the electricity needs, more energy can be automatically drawn from the utility.

    Reduce carbon dioxide emissions

    In the long run, people who go solar will save thousands of dollars since the sun will keep on providing energy that is more than enough throughout their lifetime. Finally, utilizing solar power can save people from fossil fuel dependence. Fossil fuels are not only nonrenewable but are also the main source of carbon dioxide emissions.

    Select best solar system

    We should consider the warranty period and future maintenance costs when buying solar power products.   At Regen, every product in their carefully-curated range comes from independently-rated suppliers and meets strict quality criteria. Regen supplies Australia’s best Tier 1 panels. They supply solar panels of leading brands like Qcells, Canadian, Trina, Jinko, Risen, Suntech, JA, Longi, LG, SunPower.

    Solar repair cost varies depends on the brands. Many companies offer a long-term warranty as they don’t plan for the long run. If the solar dealer is not in the market, the client will have to meet the cost of repairs on their own. One can save these costs if they buy from a reputable dealer like Regen Power. Clients can have peace of mind when they go for solar panels with Regen Power.