About Solar

As of 2017, more than 200,000 houses in Western Australia have solar photovoltaic (PV) panels installed.. A roof top solar system can generate enough electricity to meet your entire day time consumption, including running the pool pump and significantly offset your peak electricity demand from the grid during summer. Your solar powered home will have the advantages of:

solar Cutting your electricity bills throughout the year
solar Getting credits for excess electricity exported to the grid
solar Reducing your carbon footprint

How solar power works?

Typical Residential Solar PV System

Solar power systems mainly consists of solar panels and inverter. Solar panels convert solar radiation into Direct Current (DC) which then flows into an inverter. The inverter converts this DC into Alternating Current (AC) which can be used in homes. Any unused electricity generated during the day time is fed into the grid. You can read a more detailed explanation about this here.

Through the Federal Government's Solar Credit Scheme you can avail thousands of dollars as discount to purchase a new PV system. You then get paid for any excess electricity you export to the grid.

Solar PV systems are usually rated in terms of kilowatts (KW) which is the 'peak' capacity of the panels used in the system. Until 2012, the most common residential system was 1.5 kW. These days, 3 kW systems have become the standard. A 3 kW system which produces a daily average of 14 units can cut down your electricity costs and earn you savings of approx. $2.70/day. You can save even more by using energy intensive appliances like dryers, washing machines, etc only during the day time, when your solar system is running and is producing excess electricity. These savings will definitely depend on the seasons. To know more about it, read our article on solar panel savings

Solar power in Perth is a very lucrative energy saving option for households. Considering the consistent solar irradiation received in the city, solar panels installed in houses throughout Perth can bring in comparatively higher savings and return on investment.

Regen Power is a Western Australian company providing approved Canadian, German & European Tier-1 solar panels and inverters. Located in Perth, we have been undertaking installation by accredited electricians for over a decade. Our focus is to enable the community to harness sun's free energy through quality products at competitive prices. To know more and to get the best offers:

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