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Access to reliable, affordable and environmentally responsible energy is a keystone to economic development, business growth and quality of life. Unfortunately, many in remote locations only have access to the expensive and polluting power supplied by traditional diesel generators. The operating costs, environmental impacts and inefficiencies of these power systems hold back economic development and impose significant disadvantage on individuals. Given the cost of battery storage, the intermittency of wind and sun, and the risk of cyclones, severe storms, extended wet weather, dust storms and other events, solar PV and wind-based microgrids are not appropriate for most off-grid applications without an additional source of reliable power such as diesel or gas generator.

Hybrid Power systems

Regen Power has been designing, installing, and maintaining remote off-grid systems , now commonly known as microgrids since 2007. Our 24×7 power generation systems using solar, wind , battery and diesel generators have been successfully proven, for remote islands in the Republic of Maldives , Singapore, resorts in Australia and Sri Lanka , schools, medical centres . Standard diesel generators operating in fixed speed mode are not efficient operating with variable load and variable input from intermittent renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. In contrast, the efficiencies offered by the variable speed operation of generators result in significantly reduced diesel/gas consumption compared to standard diesel/gas generators. As a consequence microgrids utilizing variable speed generators have substantial cost savings, an excellent return on investment, and a markedly reduced environmental footprint.

solar diesel hybrid systems

Regen has developed a patent pending technology to run standard diesel or gas generators in both variable speed mode and fixed mode in microgrid applications . Regen provides practical and cost-effective energy solutions for challenging locations, both off-grid and on-grid. Regen currently can supply fully containerized, portable and fully operational microgrid systems from 15kW to 150kW. Technological developments, in particular the falling costs of solar photovoltaic modules, batteries, and advanced control systems are making Microgrid and Individual Stand Alone Power systems (SAPS) an increasingly viable way of supplying power to remote areas and fringe of grid networks

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