Curtin University – CSIRO Industry PhD Program (iPhD) Scholarship – Regen Power, Industry Partner

The Curtin University-CSIRO Industry PhD (iPhD) is a 4-year industry-focused, applied research training program that aims to produce the next generation of work-ready research and innovation […]

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Tesla Powerwall

Is it worthy of installing a Tesla Powerwall with solar?

With the hike in energy prices and drop in solar prices, solar panel installation has boomed to around 2.7 million in Australia. Solar panel technology is […]

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solar panels worth investment

Are solar panels worth the investment?

Are solar panels worth the investment? This is an oft repeated question faced by solar power business of Western Australia. With the cry for energy independence, […]

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Wind or Solar

Which renewable energy is better, wind or solar?

Among the various renewable energy sources, wind power and solar power are the most popular green energy alternatives for fossil fuels. They play a significant role […]

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solar energy car

Is the idea of solar energy car possible or not?

An increased interest in renewable energy systems has made many automobile companies think in the line of solar-powered cars as a sustainable means of transport. Electric vehicles […]

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solar panel from my balcony

What can I power with a solar panel from my balcony?

Are Balcony Solar Panels are useful in appartments? Millions of renters and apartment owners are at a loss for not being able to take advantage of […]

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solar panels

What are the flaws of solar panels?

Solar energy is the most popular renewable energy sources available on Earth. It has become a competitive alternative to fossil fuels. Solar energy is a sustainable […]

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renewable energy

Can the world be powered fully by renewable energy?

As renewable energy is derived from renewable resources, very few resources are lost due to its production. Based on its source, they are of different types. […]

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professor nayar

Regen Power – Journey of a renewable energy pioneer

Published in Have A Go News VOLUME 30 NO. 11 ISSUE NO. 351 JUNE 2021 ESTABLISHED in 2003 by Curtin University Emeritus Professor Chem Nayar, Canning […]

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western Australian of the year

Opportunities in renewable energy generation and storage – Published in the West Australian

Click here to read the full article published in The West Australian 04/06/2021 page 88 Providing reliable and cheap electricity across Western Australia is a fascinating […]

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Professor and nikhil

Leading the way in sustainable technology

As published the The West Australian Established in 2003 by Curtin University Emeritus Professor Chem Nayar, Canning Vale-based Regen Power is a National company providing renewable […]

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solar for individual flat apartment

Can we install solar for individual flat in apartment?

With over 2.3 million solar rooftop installations, most Australians enjoy the benefits of solar energy. Certainly, technological advancements and innovations have helped the best solar companies […]

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prof nayar

Great minds map out the state’s future – West Aussie of the year have their say

Excerpts from the article published in The West Australian on 31/05/2021 What is the one thing WA’s best and brightest would do to improve the State? […]

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renewable energy

What are the problems faced by renewable energy?

The challenges faced by the renewable energy industry are many. Political pressures, government policies, corporate influence, age-old infrastructure, lack of proper battery storage system, and present […]

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solar energy

Can trains transport people solely on solar energy?

Electricity is the largest source of greenhouse gas pollution in Australia, second being transport. Transport sector has seen 62.9% growth since 1990. Only a change in […]

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prof chem nayar

CEO of Regen Power, Prof Chem Nayar Nominated as Finalist for Western Australian of the Year Awards 2021

Congratulations to Professor Chem Nayar for being Nominated as a finalist for this year’s Western Australian of the Year Awards in the Professions Award category We […]

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