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Victoria solar rebates scheme

The Status of Victoria Solar Rebates Scheme

Towards the end of August 2019, the Labor government increased the number of solar rebates in Victoria by three times. This was in response to criticism […]

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regen PNM Indonesia MOU

MoU Between Regen Power and Politcknik Ncgcri Malang, Indonesia (Polincma)

Effective for a period of 5 years, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was made on 29 August between Regen Power and Politcknik Ncgcri Malang, Indonesia. This is to […]

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horns rev 3 - largest offshore wind farm scandinavia

Horns Rev 3 – The Largest Offshore Wind Farm in Scandinavia

The renewable energy uptake surge is not exclusive to Australia. Even western European countries and Scandinavia invests heavily in solar and wind power farms. The former […]

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Australia National Electricity Market Update 2019

Australia National Electricity Market Update (NEM) – Q2 2019

From local weather to electricity generation of national electricity market (NEM), the second quarter of 2019 brought in some “different-than-usual” changes. The climate was warmer than the […]

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