Regen Power presents the ultra efficient, zero energy cost solar pool pumps to keep your pools sparkling clean all day long. Switch now and save thousands of dollars on annual energy costs while reducing your carbon footprint.


Solar pool pump


Australia is known all around the world for its fabulous climate and its long and hot summers. For this reason, Australia has the highest pool ownership per capita in the world with about 1.6 million residential pools and more than 30,000 new ones added each year.

A pool pump is the heart of the pools filtration system; without it, the pool would lose its sparkle and soon turn green. In households with swimming pools, the pool pump-unit is usually the largest single electricity user.

Time requirements for pool filtering vary from home to home due to differences in pool volume and equipment, the amount of use and environmental factors. As a general rule, one complete water turnover every 24 hours will provide adequate filtering for a residential or a small resort swimming pool.

The average recommended running time for the swimming pool filtration system is about 8 hours in summer (heavy use), and about 4 hours in winter (hardly any usage). The annual total pump operating time is about 2200 hours. 75% of all residential pools use a standard 1HP, 240 volt (single phase) AC pump (Fig 1) consuming around 2000 units (kWh) per annum.

Monthly Energy Consumption of Various Size Swimming Pool Pumps (Kilowatt Hours)

2 38kWh 52kWh 64kWh 98kWh 126kWh
4 79kWh 104kWh 128kWh 196kWh 252kWh
6 114kWh 156kWh 192kWh 294kWh 378kWh
8 152kWh 208kWh 256kWh 392kWh 504kWh
10 190kWh 260kWh 320kWh 490kWh 630kWh
12 228kWh 312kWh 384kWh 588kWh 756kWh

Regen Power Solution

Regen Power has engineered an efficient and cost effective solar photovoltaic (PV) powered swimming pool filtration system. This can be fitted to either a new installation or retrofitted to an existing pool.

Regen’s solar pool pumping system uses a high efficiency DC (Direct Current) brushless motor coupled to a centrifugal pump. The brushless DC motor solar pump is much more efficient than a conventional mains powered pool pump. The motor is connected to solar panels through a controller. The controller controls the speed of the pump and optimises the amount of water pumped based on the available solar radiation.


Regen pool pump and controller will suit pools of up to 70,000 litres. Low voltage DC electricity is provided by a maximum of four 250 watt solar panels through a controller that will extract maximum power from the solar panels and run the pump at the optimum speed. For larger pools, 2 or more pumps can be connected in parallel.

Since the controller and the solar panel installation fall into the Extra Low Voltage electrical supply, a licensed electrician is not required. The system is very efficient and proven to run even on cloudy days

KEY facts

Pump 1HP, 240 V Single Phase AC Mains powered Regen SP 600 500 W Brushless DC Pump 6 x 190W solar panels
Chlorine Produced by saltwater chlorinator – Mains powered Produced by saltwater chlorinator – Mains powered (Optional : Solar powered)
Pool Cleaning System Kreepy Krauly automatic pool cleaning system – Mains powered Kreepy Krauly automatic pool cleaning system – Solar powered
Electricity Required (for pool pump) About 250 kWh per month None
Electricity Cost $80 per month None
CO2 Emission 3000 kg per year None

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