Safe Drinking Water Solutions for Remote Communities using Hybrid Renewable Energy Power Supply

Lack Of Sustainable Energy

One of the biggest challenges facing about 1.6 billion people living in remote areas living in the world is the lack of sustainable energy supply ( energy that is accessible, cleaner, more efficient and affordable ) for services such as water pumping and treatment.

Plight Of Remote Area Residents

It is estimated that more than 60% of the population in remote areas is without access, or have inadequate access, to clean drinking water. Water is drunk directly from rivers and streams without being cleaned, or it is collected and boiled. In developing countries, impure water is responsible for 2.5 million deaths per year.

Clean Drinking Water

Clean drinking water is a basic human need, and its availability is a critical factor for reducing water borne diseases. Water used for drinking should be treated and disinfected before consumption. Water used for drinking should also be professionally tested for quality as there may be concentrations of naturally occurring elements such as arsenic, uranium, or nitrates, which exceed health criteria.

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AcquaSmart – Safe drinking water for remote communities Using Solar Energy

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AcquaSmart system schematic diagram

Acquasmart details

The system results in the lowest cost of production of drinking water meeting WHO standards. The system can be used to provide bottled water in recyclable plastic bottles to remote village households at an affordable price.

Regen is also able to combine power and water supply- in which case most of the water pumping and treatment will occur during the sunshine hours. The battery storage requirement will be minimised in order to cut down on the capital cost.

Reverse Osmosis System (RO)

The objective of the pre-treatment system is to collect source water and perform preliminarily purification of the water before it goes through the Reverse Osmosis plant. In this stage, portion of microscopic or minute organisms such as an amoeba , bacteria, colloids, heavy metal ions, organic matters, and free chlorine will be removed. The system consists of:
  • Driving pump to pump surface water into treatment plant
  • Source water tank collect water (water level control included)
  • Source water pump provide sufficient pressure for pretreatment
  • Quartz sand filter remove sand, impurity, suspended matter
  • Activated carbon filter remove organic, heavy metal, smell, chlorine
  • Softener reduce water hardness to 0.03mmol/L
  • Fine filter to remove all impurities larger than 5 µm
Reverse osmosis process utilizes a semi-permeable helix membrane to remove substances like dissolved solids, organic matter, colloidal matter and bacteria in the water. When the raw water is sent to the RO membrane at a certain pressure, the water will permeate the membrane through the tiny pores and then permeated water can be collected, and the impurities in water will be concentrated and removed in the detained liquid. This membrane is capable of removing:
  • more than 96% dissolved solids
  • more than 99% organic substances
  • more than 99% colloid
  • nearly 100% bacteria
RO has become the first choice for water purification due to its low operation cost, no pollution, easy and reliable operation. Our RO System includes a high-pressure pump to guarantee sufficient flow rate through the RO membrane. The inlet & outlet pipes are made by stainless steel, allowing a flow rate of 15 cubic meters per hour. The plant is equipped with high-pressure & low-pressure protectors.

Ultra-Violet and Ozone Sterilisation

The sterilization system consists of Ozone actuator and a Ultraviolet (UV) tube. UV treatment of water inactivates pathogenic micro-organisms that cause E-coli, cholera, typhoid, dysentery and hepatitis. Ozone treatment is also able to remove organic and inorganic material, iron, manganese and sulphur. This is secondly used for the disinfection of the pipelines between treatment and the delivery nozzle. Ozone will oxidize and decompose the enzyme which can form the glucose to maintain bacteria. The ozone actuator can ionize air to produce ozone which is further mixed with water through Venturi ejector. By using these sterilisation techniques together, we ensure highest water quality.

Automatic Control & Monitoring System

The control & monitoring system implements the function of start, operation, stop, control, display, fault alarm and safety protection of each pump and some of the valves according to the system working principle. Safety, reliability and high efficiency is guaranteed, and the latest technologies of PLC control, touch screen and network communication are provided

Trailer Mounted Housing

solar panel perthThe complete system is compactly mounted on a trailer which can be towed by a pick up truck to any convenient location. Having all of the electrical power and water treatment equipment located in one trailer makes the system operational instantly and there is no need to gather and organize additional supplies.

Water from rivers, lakes, floods, broken water mains and most freshwater sources can be purified into clean and safe drinking water making it ideal for remote areas.

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