Why Regen Power?

Why Choose Regen Power?

Regen Power is the best Solar Power System installers in Perth, with over a decade of service. Here are 10 more answers to “Why Regen Power?”

ProductReview Award

ProductReview Award Winner Three Consecutive years 2021, 2022 & 2023

40,000 Installations

Installed over 40,000 residential roof top solar.

20 years

Celebrating 20 Years

Established in 2003, over a 20 years of renewable energy services.

Local Company

West Australian Company, operating from Perth.

Tier 1 solar panels

Supplier of Canadian & German Tier 1 solar panels and inverters.

After-sales support

Dedicated after sales support.

Certified & Licensed

Installations by certified & licensed electricians.

Founded by Professor Chem Nayar

Founded by Professor Chem Nayar, Emeritus Professor (Curtin University).

Regen has a Global Presence


Design & project consultant for the 5184 kW Solar Farm Project in Peninsular Malaysia

maldives floating solar panels

Remote Island Electrification Project, Maldives


Standalone Remote Island Solar-Diesel micro grid, Singapore


500 kW floating solar system, Kerala, India


Several roof top solar systems (1kW- 100kW) installed in India


Developed Variable Speed Generator Technology for Telecom Towers and Remote Micro-Grid applications

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