Project at a glance

Solar/Diesel Hybrid System


Client BHP Billiton
Task 3kw Containerised And Pre-wired Standalone Plug And Play Solar/Diesel Hybrid System

Project details

DateNovember 7, 2016
LocationOlde Road GREENWITH, SA 5125
Task13.2 kW system

Mobile Solar Hybrid Power Plant (Container Mounted)

Regen Power has developed variable speed diesel generator technology integrated with roof mounted solar panels , battery and inverter in a 20ft shipping container as an easily transportable self-sufficient solar hybrid power system for several mining and remote area applications.

The container mounted solar hybrid power plant consists of a 8kW variable speed diesel generator, fuel tank , battery , inverters and control system fully pre-wired to allow fast, easy plug and play operation. A portable hybrid system like this carries enormous potential – it may provide industries and communities in regional and remote locations with a viable renewable energy alternative.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Lower Life Cycle Cost than diesel gensets – in some cases break-even within 6 months – 2 years
  • Solar Array can be quickly lowered for transportation or protection in the event of severe weather
  • 20ft shipping container utilises existing transportation and container-handling infrastructure