Standalone Microgrid Power System For Eco Resort Broom


Client Eco Beach Resort
Task 48 kW system

Project details

Date May 23, 2019
Location Eco Beach Resort, Broome, WA
Task 48 kW system

Project Details

Regen Power has been involved in several off-grid systems in Australia, South and South East Asia. We delivered a turn-key solar PV/Diesel hybrid power system for the Eco Beach Wilderness Resort in Broome, Western Australia. The resort’s power system combines a main central inverter system with a diesel generation plant allowing a synergy between the optimal uses of renewable energy technology with the reliability of a conventional system.

The renewable energy component is in the form of 24 distributed 2kW photovoltaic arrays, which are grid connected at each villa. An energy monitoring device has also been included at each villa so that a guest can easily see if they are consuming more or less energy then is generated during their stay.

A wireless network connects the villas back to the central monitoring computer located at Jacks Bar where the energy usage of each villa can be accessed. Any renewable energy generated is used preferentially to minimise the carbon footprint of the overall facility. The hybrid system controller ensures that no energy is wasted and allows the excess renewable component to be stored within the battery bank.