Solar Battery Performance Calculator

Choosing the right battery size is essential for maximizing the benefits of your solar power system. A number of intrinsic factors influence this selection. As a result, estimating the performance of a system pre-purchase can be cumbersome. Primarily, solar batteries are used for grid independency and/or emergency backup. Although total grid independency is not economical or reliable at present, batteries can provide a substantial reduction in grid usage – bringing down your electricity bill to the bare minimum. Furthermore, solar batteries are gradually becoming viable retrofits to enhance PV systems due to their falling prices. Based on our years of expertise in the solar industry, we have put together a solar battery performance calculator.

Factors Influencing Battery Systems

Average electricity consumption in a day

Size of Solar PV system and the orientation of installed panels

Electricity usage pattern – the time frame where you utilize the most power.

The common electricity patterns in Australia include double peak, evening peak, high day and evening, day centric and night centric. However, assumption of a \’double peak\’ pattern gives a fairly conservative estimation for most residential scenarios. Using the solar battery performance calculator, you will be able to determine the available energy that can be stored at your house and the annual savings attainable with and without a battery system. For a very simple summary of solar PV savings, you may see this link.

Solar Battery Performance Calculator

The main inputs are the location, average energy use, solar system size and the size of battery that you are planning to buy. For each combination of these inputs, the calculator provides you with the annual savings and payback with and without a battery system; power flow graph; and energy available for storage at your residence/business. By default, the remaining input fields are automatically filled by the calculator and you may modify it, if required. To conclude, the calculator helps you in understanding the financial savings and payback if you choose to add a battery pack to your rooftop PV.

Note: For full functionality, view the calculator in a desktop/tablet environment.