Coronavirus Precautions – On the Day of Solar Panel Installation

coronavirus precautions - on the day of solar panel installation

In line with current World Health Organisation and government recommendations surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak, REGEN POWER is taking some basic precautions to protect our customers and staff.

Our Installers will be taking the following coronavirus precautions whilst in customers’ property:

  • keep installers and apprentices into dedicated, small teams for the duration of the pandemic
  • avoid having more than one team on an installation
  • set a roster for start and lunch times to ensure there is no contact between teams during the day
  • maintain a 1.5m space between individuals wherever possible
  • limit all contact, including car sharing, between staff who are not working together daily.
  • washing their hands prior to and on completion of the works
  • minimising close personal contact
  • wearing disposable gloves.


Before going to site

Communicating with customers

Communicate with customers about the steps our team is taking to ensure their safety..

During this call/email, we will be asking following questions

  • Has anyone at the property been diagnosed with COVID-19/Coronavirus?
  • Has anyone at the property been in contact with a known case of COVID-19/Coronavirus?
  • Has anyone at the property returned from overseas in the last 14 days?
  • Has anyone at the property been ordered into isolation by the Department of Health or another relevant agency?
  • Is anyone at the property feeling unwell and showing symptoms of COVID-19/Coronavirus?
    Symptoms include fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath.

If the customer answers yes to any of these questions, we will re-schedule installation, and consider additional safety measures for the team like:

  • face masks
  • no face-to-face contact with the customer or anyone at the property
  • avoiding using the bathroom/entering the building at all.

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Include below items in the gear to appropriately manage the risks on site:

  • soap and water to wash your hands
  • alcohol-based hand sanitizers
  • alcohol-based wipes
  • tissues
  • paper towel or enough clean rags to dry your hands
  • surgical gloves
  • face masks.

On site

Practice good hygiene

Installers avoid touching  face as much as possible. Wash  hands with soap or disinfect using an alcohol-based solution:

  • before attending site
  • after using the bathroom
  • before and after eating
  • after leaving site
  • if your hands look visibly dirty.

Use of surgical gloves

When working on parts of the job that may have been touched by unknown persons (i.e. fuse boxes, garage doors, handling documentation or cash) will be wearing disposable gloves. Surgical gloves come in a range of sizes and are designed not to hinder dexterity.

If it is not possible to wear gloves, before and after touching the surface:

  • will wipe down the surface with alcohol base disinfectant wipes and
  • wash or disinfect hands.

Maintain social distance

When attending the site, this means:

  • avoiding physical contact with customers and their pets
  • keeping 1.5m between you and anyone on site
  • if  sneeze or cough cover  nose and mouth with  elbow or a tissue and dispose of it immediately

If any installers are feeling unwell, stict instructions are given to stay home and seek medical advice.

Handling paperwork

Wear gloves when handling paperwork or pens that may be passed onto the customer or provide soft copies via email.

If you’re collecting signatures using a touch screen, wipe it with alcohol-based wipes between users.

Cleaning up

Once the job is done, with alcohol-based wipes, wipe down any areas that anyone from the property may touch.

Our call handling staff in the office will outline these precautions when appointments are initially booked in, but feel free to ask them any other questions regarding this matter.

We hope that these sensible measures will give all concerned some peace of mind and will still enable us to provide the excellent service that we always do.

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