Financial Times High-Growth Companies in Asia-Pacific 2020

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We are proud to announce that Regen Power has been ranked as a High-Growth Company for Asia-Pacific 2020 by the Financial Times 500 Rankings. Financial Times along with its research partner Statista compiled this  list of fast-growing companies in the Asia-Pacific . Companies from India, Japan, Australia and Singapore dominate the corporate landscape of high growth companies .Being ranked among the prestigious list of FT High-Growth Companies is another feather in our cap and a milestone in our journey in becoming one of the most innovative renewable energy companies in this region.

Financial Times High-Growth Companies in Asia-Pacific 2020

Founded in 2003 by Professor Chem Nayar, Regen Power is an “icon of innovation” in renewable and sustainable energy technologies applied to residential, commercial and off-grid applications . Regen’s Managing Director, Nikhil Jayaraj,  spearheaded the company’s  growth between 2015 to 2019 through innovations in all business processes .

Future looks promising for Regen as it is well positioned in all markets, whether it is residential, commercial,  off-grid, or solar farm projects. The past three years witnessed around 50% increase in installations. Similar or better market availability can be expected over the next 3 – 5 years. Coming years, Regen targets  to maintain top retailer  position  in WA. With its over 25,000 client customer base and exclusive agreements with major suppliers, Regen is confident of capturing the future market.

Over the years , Regen was involved in renewable energy projects in Australia, New Zealand,  India, Vietnam, Malaysia ,and Singapore   Regen is a world leader in remote microgrid technologies -having won product and technology award by the Australian Sustainable Energy Industry Association. The company is also involved in a capacity building program supported by educational institutions in East Java and the Western Australian government to improve the skills of local labour in solar power installations. Regen has been actively involved in research and development projects in collaboration with Curtin University, University of Western Australia and the University of Tasmania..

Like any other industry affected by COVID-19, the solar industry has not been spared. As lockdowns came into place, the solar industry suffered supply chain disruptions. Though these developments appear daunting, we expect that at Regen , it is business-as-usual with some minor tweaks. You can read more here to see the COVID-19 precautions we are taking during our current solar installations.

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