100 kW Commercial Rooftop Solar Installed in Canning Vale, Western Australia

Roberto imports solar case study

Regen Power completed the last year with one of its largest installations Western Australia.  The 100 kW installation was at Roberto Fine Foods, Canning Vale (headquarters of Regen Power). Roberto Fine Foods expand their product offerings into unique lines sourced from all parts of the globe. These include Altino, Bella Lucia, Deli Select, La Domenica and many more ranges which comprise the finest oils, vinegars, pastas and olives available anywhere.

Designed, installed and commissioned by Regen Power, the 99.8kW rooftop system consists of 307 x 325W RISEN Solar panels and 4x 25kW FRONIUS Symo inverters . The system was installed in record time in Dec 2018. The PV arrays were mounted using an Australian designed and manufactured Sunlock mounting system. Regen Power has incorporated a custom designed zero export control and protection system meeting Western Power’s strict requirements for large systems of this nature. It is expected that will provide a payback time of between 2-3 years. You can find details of other projects in our portfolio.

100 kW project western australia

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