Q-Cells Q.Peak Duo-G6 – New Half Cell PERC Modules

Q-cells Q.peak duo-G6

Based in Seoul and Thalheim (Germany), Hanwha Q Cells is one of the largest suppliers of solar PV panels in Australia. With manufacturing facilities in over 3 continents, they offer a wide variety of other PV systems and products. Listed as a FORTUNE Global 500 firm, they have a large focus on research and development to address the increasing demand for higher efficiency solar modules. On April 29th, they announced the successor to the Duo-G5, the Q.Peak Duo-G6.

Q.Peak Duo-G6 Specifications

As a new installment in the DUO module lineup, the G6 has a half-cell mono PERC configuration. It can output upto 355Wp as  122 cells, and 420Wp as 144 cells. Its fabrication includes the employment of larger wafers and can deliver 6% more power as compared to their predecessor, DUO-G5.

The new Duo solar modules has a rated performance of 85% after 25 years of usage. The upper and lower section of the module can operate independently. Thus, they offer better shading tolerance. Furthermore, the Q.ANTUM technology offers higher resistance to light induced and potential induced degradation, hot-spot protection. In the Intersolar Europe 2018, Q.Peak Duo modules won the the award for the best PV product.

The PERC technology of Hanwha forms the background of these modules, and they are mainly aimed at commercial and large-scale installations.  The 1.6GW Northern Georgia (US) factor will handle the production of Duo-G6.

Currently, the Q.Peak Duo-G6 is available in Europe and Korea, with a potential launch date in Australia by late 2019. These panels will likely be a premium option for residential consumers due to its pricing structure. Consumers from Perth and Queensland should be able to purchase them from Regen Power towards the end of 2019.



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