Regen Power Presents “The Regen Renewable Energy Award” to Jared Mosely at Curtin University Student Awards 2022

Regen Power, a leading provider of renewable energy solutions, proudly sponsored “The Regen Renewable Energy Award” category at the prestigious Curtin University Student Awards 2022. The award, recognizing outstanding achievement in the field of renewable energy, was presented to Jared Mosely for securing the highest Aggregate of Marks in the Unit ELEN3004 Renewable Energy Principles.

Regen Power believes in nurturing and recognizing exceptional talent in the renewable energy sector, and the Student Awards at Curtin University provide a platform to honor and encourage the brightest minds in this field. The Regen Renewable Energy Award aims to inspire students to pursue innovative solutions and contribute to the sustainable future of our planet.

Jared Mosely’s remarkable academic performance in the Unit ELEN3004 Renewable Energy Principles demonstrated a deep understanding of the fundamental principles and technologies involved in renewable energy systems. His dedication, commitment, and passion for renewable energy truly set him apart as an exemplary student in this rapidly evolving field.

The award was presented by Prof. David B. Davidson, renowned for his expertise and contributions to the renewable energy sector. Prof. Davidson, in his address, praised Jared Mosely’s exceptional achievements and emphasized the importance of fostering young talent in renewable energy research and development.

Speaking on behalf of Regen Power, Mr Nikhil Jayaraj expressed delight in supporting the Student Awards at Curtin University and congratulated Jared Mosely on his outstanding achievement. Nikhil stated, “Jared’s remarkable performance in the Unit ELEN3004 Renewable Energy Principles showcases his immense potential and dedication to the renewable energy sector. At Regen Power, we are proud to recognize his achievements and support the next generation of leaders in creating a sustainable future.”

Regen Power remains committed to advancing renewable energy solutions, driving innovation, and supporting educational initiatives that promote sustainability. By sponsoring “The Regen Renewable Energy Award” at the Curtin University Student Awards, Regen Power aims to inspire and motivate students to excel in renewable energy studies and contribute to building a greener tomorrow.

About Regen Power: Regen Power is a leading provider of renewable energy solutions, specializing in solar power systems for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. With a commitment to sustainability and a vision of a greener future, Regen Power designs, installs, and maintains high-quality solar energy systems that harness the power of the sun to generate clean and renewable electricity.

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