Renewable Energy Company in Western Australia – A 17 year Legacy

Commercial Solar PV Systems - Perth & Queensland

Regen Power had a modest beginning in the year 2003. At a time when the market was still learning about rooftop solar PV systems, it was established in Perth as a renewable energy company under the leadership of founding Managing Director, Professor Chem Nayar, who has had over 30 years’ experience in applied research and commercialization of alternative energy sources. In 1988, Professor Nayar established the Centre for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technologies Australia at Curtin University and successfully managed the Centre for 15 years.

After 17 years, and numerous commercial projects and residential installations, It is now renowned for both innovation in the field of renewable energy, and the service of our dedicated team. As of 2020, the company has secured a considerable market share in Western Australia.

Regen has pioneered an innovative solar integrated power system, named HybridGEN™. This system is based on Professor Nayar’s patented variable speed diesel generator technology (US 7072194 & PCT/AU2011/001068). Regen Power has invested heavily in R&D to invent sustainable technologies that would save fuel, electricity cost and reduce pollution. The patented technology is deployed in major mining sites in Western Australia. As a testimony for our commitment to sustainable energy development, Regen Power was conferred the prestigious Sustainable Energy Industry’s Ambassador Award and the Product Technology Award in 2011.

Besides focusing on taking our own HybridGEN (integrated Renewable PowerPack) System to the Australian commercial and industrial market, Regen is also engaged in business development in developing countries in Africa, India and South East Asia. We provide residential rooftop and commercial grid connected and off-grid solar power solutions through local partners, as well as engineering design and consultation on utility scale projects ranging from 500 kW to 100MW.

Commercial Solar Projects Australia – Regen Portfolio

Regen Power has completed commercial solar projects in Australia and 3 continents. Based in Perth, our portfolio has over 15 years of engineering expertise.

2019 have been one of the best years in our history. We reached the milestone of 25,000 solar installations in Perth, and won the 2019 Rising stars award (Western Australia), CV energy innovator award; and became finalist in Belmont and WA Business Awards, and semi-finalist in Australian Technologies Competition (ATC). Furthermore, Regen became a certified Tesla installer in the country for Powerwall range of batteries.

In an industrial landscape where few solar companies have survived, we have stood the test of time and have made great accomplishments. Our unwavering commitment to quality products, installations and service, we have distinguished ourselves from the competition.

More details on the company history can be found here. For corporate enquiries, contact us.

renewable energy company 17 year legacy in Australia

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