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Today's Energy Crisis

Rising energy demands and climate change are amongst the most significant challenges facing our society today. With an increasing global population and diminishing fossil fuel reserves, the need to develop innovative and practical renewable energy solutionsRenewable Energy Solutions to address these issues is now more urgent than ever.

Our Mission

Regen Power has uniquely positioned itself in the renewable energy market with the intention to respond to the growing demand for energy-efficient solutions in the business, residential and industrial sectors.

We believe that renewable energy hybrid systems will play a key role in providing sustainable power to the remote and metropolitan regions, and it is through the research and development of innovative solutions which will enable Australia to have sustainable power solutions for the future.

Our Promise

With its strong background in academic research, we continue to provide renewable energy productsRenewable energy products in Australia and International, such as solar and wind power systems, with leading-edge technology for households and businesses.

Regen Power also provides turnkey consulting for large scale renewable energy projects. With a strong research and design team, Regen is poised to reduce the carbon footprint through innovative product design.

Reasons to contact us for your renewable energy needs

We are the winners of these awards:

Sustainable Energy Industry Excellence and Innovation Awards 2011

Ambassador Award

Professor Chem Nayar, Regen Founder and Director

Product and Technology Award


Variable speed diesel/bio-diesel generator.

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