10.53kW Solar System, SA

How to install net metering in off-grid solar system?

Net metering is the foundational and most effective solar policy on which the entire residential solar industry is built. It allows to feed the surplus electricity […]

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solar panels direct sunlight

Do solar panels need direct sunlight?

In a world that craves sustainability, solar panels are seen as a source of alternative energy that helps humans to lead better life. It is a […]

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install solar panels

What motivates one to install solar panels?

We live in a world where electricity is very important. We need electricity to power our home appliances, mobile devices, computers, laptops, and others. Electricity has […]

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How to claim solar rebate

How to claim solar rebate?

Solar rebates are subsidies or financial incentives given by the Federal government to boost the solar power business of Australia. Government rebate solar Perth is in […]

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renewable energy

Why renewable energy prices are declining?

As renewable energy is derived from renewable resources, very few resources are lost due to its production. Based on its source, they are of different types. […]

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calculate solar rebate

How to calculate solar rebate?

In Western Australia, there is no solar rebate as such. But one can apply for the federal government solar rebate. Subsidies and financial incentives make solar […]

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tesla powerwall how long last

How long does the Tesla Powerwall last?

Tesla Powerwall is a rechargeable home battery system that stores energy from solar or the grid. The stored energy is made available on demand. It can […]

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solar panels reliable?

How reliable are solar panels?

The growing environmental concerns about climate change, sustainability, gas prices and pollution has led many individuals and governments to pursue alternative power sources instead of fossil […]

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Solar Panels for Bus

Should buses use solar panels?

Buses are an efficient mode of public transport as it carries lots of people. It is much more efficient than cars. A bus runs many miles […]

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produce free electricity

How to produce free electricity?

Abundant natural resources around us are awesome sources of green energy. Choosing a residential green energy system can help in making long-term savings and protecting the […]

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Tesla Powerwall

Is it worthy of installing a Tesla Powerwall with solar?

With the hike in energy prices and drop in solar prices, solar panel installation has boomed to around 2.7 million in Australia. Solar panel technology is […]

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solar panels worth investment

Are solar panels worth the investment?

Are solar panels worth the investment? This is an oft-repeated question faced by the solar power business of Western Australia. With the cry for energy independence, […]

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Wind or Solar

Which renewable energy is better, wind or solar?

Among the various renewable energy sources, wind power and solar power are the most popular green energy alternatives for fossil fuels. They play a significant role […]

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solar energy car

Is the idea of solar energy car possible or not?

An increased interest in renewable energy systems has made many automobile companies think in the line of solar-powered cars as a sustainable means of transport. Electric vehicles […]

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solar panel from my balcony

What can I power with a solar panel from my balcony?

Are Balcony Solar Panels are useful in appartments? Millions of renters and apartment owners are at a loss for not being able to take advantage of […]

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solar panels

What are the flaws of solar panels?

Solar energy is the most popular renewable energy sources available on Earth. It has become a competitive alternative to fossil fuels. Solar energy is a sustainable […]

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