Chinese or German Solar Panels, which is good for the home solar system?

Chinese or German Solar Panels

Which panels are best for a rooftop solar systems? Chinese solar panels or German solar panels? Let’s read on to understand the world’s best quality solar modules for homes in terms of reliability and durability.

The world solar market was once a niche market for solar energy. Now, many countries are investing to produce solar systems, proving that this source is a legitimate answer for fossil fuels.

China has proved its supremacy in solar panel production by producing two-thirds of global solar modules. Moreover, all major solar panel producers have production facilities in China.  So, are Chinese-made solar panels better? Chinese solar panel manufacturers leverage solar energy and massive government support to dominate the list of best value solar panel providers. It has established a reputation for excellent manufacturing quality. On the other hand, German engineers are 99% sure that German solar panels are of good quality and come with a product warranty.

 There are many solar panel brands with great features, offering the same performance and warranty. Trying to distinguish the difference between solar panel brands is a tedious task. This article helps you understand which solar system is best to invest in for your home.

Australian-Made Vs. Chinese Solar Panels

New Tindo solar panels are Australian-made and Australian-owned with a focus on producing high-quality products. They deploy advanced technologies for their operations, procedures, and assembly of solar panels. There are 3 solar panel models, offering 12 year product warranty and a 25 year performance warranty, guaranteeing 80% of the nominal output at the end of the 25th year. With zero deposit finance, be ready to pay a hefty premium.

China has made major technological and industry changes to ensure that Chinese solar panels have long-lasting warranties, competitive pricing, and a high market share. The latest study estimates that nearly 70% of the world’s panel manufacturing comes from China. In the Australian solar market, 90% of panels are coming from China.  A solar system from China provides 10-12 years of warranty on product and performance. Budget solar panels do not guarantee quality and performance.

German-made Vs. Chinese Solar Panels

If you are worried about low-quality Chinese panels, then selecting a German-made solar panel reduces the risk. Germany is one of the top 10 manufacturing countries in the world. Therefore, German panels are high-quality, reliable, priced higher, and are well worth it.

The Chinese government provides generous financial incentives to scale the production in companies. Though it seems fantastic, there are many poorer manufacturers and Tier 1 companies too. Tire 3 manufacturers take advantage of these incentives to produce lower-quality products. Some of the German solar panel companies have production facilities in China. To buy Chinese solar panels, it is better to do some research on the specific manufacturer you are looking at.

Reliability of Chinese panels

Not every product manufactured by a Chinese brand is cheaper. Approximately, 70% of all solar panel equipment is coming from China. Many companies across the globe outsource their manufacturing to China because of low production costs. China is able to achieve this dominant position due to several factors –

  • With years of massive investment, China accounts for more than half of global solar module demand. Most of it is used for mega-sized solar power plants and giant floating solar farms.
  • The types of electronics and industrial equipment used for solar panel manufacturing make China a cost-effective leader in this industry.
  • Chinese solar panels manufacturers are supported by massive financial incentives that allowed them to capture global market share.  

 So, if you’re buying a solar panel produced in China, you should be aware of the range of quality. It has nothing to do with location.

Are German panels are really from Germany?

German brands are known to use top-grade materials to rank high in areas of quality and reliability. Below is the details of some German solar panels. 

SolarWatt – They manufacture panels in Germany. The product records a 30-year warranty in Australia, which gives pretty confidence in the panel’s quality

Solar Panels Engineered in Germany but not made there

Hanwha Q CELLS Solar Panels – This is a German Solar Panel Company but was moved out of Germany by a Korean giant a couple of years ago. Although their German factories are no longer producing panels, Germany is responsible for product development, R&D, and product testing.

 Solar Panels Not Made In Germany

Many companies promise to provide “German solar panels”, eventually, you end up receiving China-made panels as the names may loo deceptive. Below is a list of companies that sell solar panels made in China in the name of “German-made”.

  1. German Solar AG
  2. Munsterland Solar
  3. Munchen Solar 
  4. Hanover Solar

 With all said, hopefully, this article can help give you some confidence to make a suitable decision. Nevertheless, expect Chinese solar panels to remain competitive all over the world.

Facing the challenges of growing energy consumption and climate change, the EU launched the climate and energy package as a set of binding legislation for its targets for 2020. The solar panel industry has thus witnessed a growing demand in the EU market. China, on the other hand, seized the opportunity to develop the solar PV manufacturing
in its coastal provinces. As the Chinese solar panel products gradually dominated the EU market and crowded out the EU manufactures, the EU launched the anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigation on solar panels imported from China on the request of EU manufactures, which later gave rise to the largest trade dispute between the EU and

Meanwhile, fair competition should be guaranteed under the WTO and other legal frameworks. Competition should be more geared toward productivity increases rather than gearing price advantages. In this sense, the settlement by way of a minimum price agreement is a reasonable way to protect the manufacturers from further price wars.

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