How do you really save money with a solar system?

save money with solar system

You might be thinking, are solar panels really worth it? It is sure that your solar panels can make you money. Solar panel systems help you save money by reducing your monthly electricity bills. The primary concern while switching over to a solar power system is the initial installation cost.

The “average,” up-front cost of a residential solar power system is between $3,500 and $16,000. You may have been taken aback when you first saw the price of solar panels.  Electricity bills might not seem like much when you pay them each month, those bills add up quickly over ten, twenty, or even thirty years. This amount would be huge when comparing it with the solar power installation cost. In addition to that, the solar panel price has considerably decreased in the current scenario.

There are a number of incentive schemes available in Australia which make solar installation even cheaper. The amount of money that solar can save may vary based on the factors like direct hours of sunlight, energy usage, and Local electricity rates.

The study conducted by Canstar Blue in 2021 found that the average credit received on the most recent electricity bill for households with solar panels was $236 a quarter. The largest solar rebates on quarterly bills were found in South Australia ($280) and Queensland ($271), while residents in Victoria and New South Wales settled for $169 and $125, respectively. The table given below provides a general guide to the customers on how much they can save by installing a 5kW solar panel.

Solar panel installation cost Perth

Select best solar panels for best performance

Choosing the right solar panels is an important step to getting the best performance and ultimately saving money with solar. It is difficult to check the quality of a solar panel only with a verification of the visual appearance. The high-quality panels produced by a reputable manufacturer would be ideal when selecting the panels for installation.

This will provide you with a long-lasting, money-saving solar system. There are certain factors that you can check to maximize solar investment. Guarantee is the prime factor that you should check while considering the solar investment.  The manufacturer must at least offer you a solar panel with a minimum guarantee of 25 years.  Secondly, the price of the panels and be careful about the very low prices of the panel that might be a sign of minimum quality equipment. The solar panel manufacturer’s reputation is a must-check criteria when selecting solar panels. Make sure the solar panel technology meets your needs, and expectations and is adapted to the production context of your solar power plant. The efficiency of the solar panel, Power tolerance, and the frame of the solar panel are the other factors that should consider while solar installation.

How to find the best solar panels in Australia 

Appliance usage timing

If you use your entire appliance at once may push your energy requirements which may not give you the benefits of solar panels. For instance, wait until your dishwasher has completed its cycle before turning on the washing machine to make sure your requirement of power isn’t more than your solar PV system is generating. While there are certainly optimum times to use your appliances, depending on where your solar panels are located on your roof.  For example, use more energy-intensive appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers during the day when they can run off solar energy. Making some changes to energy usage may speed up reaching the solar panel return of investment.

Get the best out of your solar system year around 

Switch to Electric

Solar energy provides the best alternative to gas heating. You can optimize the benefit of solar panels by switching over to electricity. Using the electricity generated by the solar panels for heating is a good idea in terms of economic and environmental perspectives. In addition, solar water heaters are ideal to obtain hot water at a low cost. The thermodynamic boiler can be easily combined with an existing gas boiler. It will relieve the boiler by producing cheaper and less polluting domestic hot water and thus reduce gas consumption.

Regular maintenance of solar panels

Investing in solar panels means you can get renewable energy for the next 25 years. A regular tune-up will help to stay in its peak performance condition. Regular maintenance of solar panels regularly will increase the efficiency of the solar panels.  Periodic checking of solar panels ensures optimal performance and security.  In general, the solar panel requires very little maintenance. Periodic light cleaning to ensure dirt, leaves, and other debris aren’t obstructing the sun’s rays. It is generally recommended that you perform solar panel cleaning between two and four times per year. Extensive maintenance may require only during snowfall because inches of snow can hinder solar panels’ performance.

Protect your solar panels from environmental risks 

Timers, sensors, mobile apps for managing energy

You can monitor your solar panel’s performance via an app. The solar panel monitoring system offers information related to energy consumption as well as generation. In turn, this helps optimize the energy usage & any damage that has been ailing the solar system. Solar monitoring systems receive data from the inverter connected with the solar panel. Several companies in the market offer solar inverters with in-built monitoring software.

Various types of sensors are available in the market to monitor the performance of solar panels. The major sensors available in the market are battery voltage sensor for measuring battery terminal voltage, solar voltage sensor for measuring solar voltage, the solar current sensor for measuring solar current, load current sensor for measuring current to a DC-DC converter, the temperature sensor for measuring the temperature of the power transistor of DC-DC converter and tilt angle sensor for measuring the tilt angle of solar PV panel according to the voltage across the potentiometer.

The use of a timer helps to prevent wasting solar lights needlessly, particularly at night, whilst you are asleep. Any remaining charge at the end of the fixed hour period is stored until after the next charging period

To sum up, in order to save money with solar you should consider a few things. The primary thing is to select the best-suited solar system according to your energy requirement. The solar panel installation should do with professional hands. A professional installer will make a decision on the type and size of the solar system based on your energy need, roof space, and availability of sunlight. Moreover, professional installation can keep you away from electric arcing, hence you can maximize the benefit of solar panels.

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